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  1. There are other parts or her anatomy that many might rather see move.
  2. My Kelce farm is dying need some fertilizer and TDs to save the farm.
  3. Cut Baker Mayfield (who has been playing like a kitchen baker) and picked up Jones. Also have Wentz but you have to start any QB going up against the Redskins.
  4. Redskins are such losers. They can't evem find within themselves to play a somewhat turnover free game. There are probably more Bears fans there than home fans. They may lose to Miami.
  5. M. Brown going against B. Breeland formerly of the Redskins. I don't think much more needs to be said.
  6. I have been hanging on to Hill and am tempted to drop him to try and pick up the Dallas defense (have Minn) for this week (vs. Miami). I think I will continue to hold Hill as I am curious as to his usage where Baltimore will be at KC. You have to figure it will be a shootout and if Hill is not that involved, I may drop him for the LA Chargers def who are next up against Miami in week 4.
  7. I'm starting him. Mainly because I was stupid enough to sit Godwin (lost faith in Winston) Thursday and also because my opponent has Mahomes and Watkins.
  8. Quite right, that is why I dropped Samuel in a PPR and picked up Hollywood (have L Jackson at QB).
  9. Nothing has changed from last year for GB. Don't give Jones any chance to get into a rythum. Maybe in games up a couple of scores.
  10. In a PPR with the 5th pick and debating taking DJ or the top WR assuming all RBs go 1 to 4. Will be watching how the AZ offense performs during the 3rd preseason game.
  11. That's right, he is great in the beginning and middle of the season, but come playoffs/end of the reg season, Thielen is garbage.
  12. You got that right, would have sealed the deal for my team. Now I'll have to sweat tonight.
  13. I'm not complaining going against Ebron, Hilton, and Luck. Ebron has always screwed me in the past. When I owned him, he got hurt in the 1st quarter and went out. When against him, he balled out. Poetic justice.