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  1. That's right, he is great in the beginning and middle of the season, but come playoffs/end of the reg season, Thielen is garbage.
  2. You got that right, would have sealed the deal for my team. Now I'll have to sweat tonight.
  3. I'm not complaining going against Ebron, Hilton, and Luck. Ebron has always screwed me in the past. When I owned him, he got hurt in the 1st quarter and went out. When against him, he balled out. Poetic justice.
  4. In my two leagues (PPR & standard) no one owns him. I hope people chase the points in both and pick him up. Fun to watch last night but not to be repeated this season,
  5. Standard league start Johnson or Mixon?
  6. Hopefully, the thing no one has talked about it the passing of Texans owner Bob McNair last week. Sad yes, but given this is a Texans home game, they will devote the game to him and probably give the team an extra edge and incentive to win possibly big.
  7. Down 27 need a decent showing by Watson and some FGs from Fairbairn
  8. Have to always try to get A Brown his especially when JuJu shines.
  9. 1st and goal at the 2 yard line at the 2 minute warning. Pittsburgh seems determined to pass constantly but would it kill them to actually run Conner at least once?
  10. Yes, I dropped him last week for DJ Moore. Not looking back.
  11. Pitts pass happy with plenty of time in the 4th. Go one dimensional you'll probably lose.
  12. Seems that way at times, kinda like what Peyton Manning was always doing around the goal line.
  13. Never fails whenever I start Doyle the TDs always seem to go to Ebron.