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  1. so the Flex position, can you start running backs or Tight ends there too? From the looks of it it's just 2 W/R flex, which if that's the case then it's 4 W/R and you should probably take a WR at #6 if everyone takes running backs. To me the challenge is who will be available with the 19th pick? That's a tough one.
  2. This is pretty much how I feel too. Personally I like a few more shots at top talent, so I'd do it in a 12-team PPR too.
  3. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it and will discuss further in the 2018 Outlook thread
  4. I like Adams in 5. But if you think it's close at all then take the player you want - Mixon. You'll have way more fun in the year with your guy
  5. I could see taking Gronk in the late second round if you think he has a decent chance to stay healthy, and b/c they Patriots are running out of people to throw to it seems. But taking Brady in the 3rd is way too early in my opinion. I'm a Pats fan and don't think Brady will finish top 4 in points in fantasy at QB.
  6. What do you guys thing Chris Thompson's value is in a PPR league now that Guice is inured? There are conflicting reports about Thompson's health (he won't be 100% until November, etc.), but I'm curious how many carries he will get the first half of the season, and how he'll be featured in the passing game. Thanks, WHIR
  7. I'd go Barkley, personally. Kamara had insanely efficient numbers that I highly doubt he'll reproduce on.
  8. This would be my order too. After the first three it appears a bit of a crapshoot. If you have the option to keep only 4 or so then I might do that too b/c you never know who will slip to you.
  9. Hey Dave, sounds like a cool league although I feel like 5 keepers is a lot. If you opt to keep a player next year, what is the penalty? (i.e. the round they were drafted in, 2 rounds earlier, etc.). I'd personally go with Barkley if he's available. He's a round 1 pick in non-keeper leagues, and would be incredibly valuable in your league if he stays healthy. After that I like Hopkins and then later on draft some high upside rookie RB's.
  10. How did you get Barkley and Brown? Both are 1st rounders in a 10 to 14 team league. That's impressive. I think Mariota will have a good year so you did well there too. Glad you didn't panic and follow everyone else drafting a QB too early in your league.
  11. Can you elaborate on why? Just wondering. BTW Update - based upon keepers even though the 2nd rounder is the 15th pick in the draft, there will be approximately 21 players picked ahead of him (6 keepers on other teams that would have been drafted in the top 15). Does that change the evaluation?
  12. Thanks Jaw! I never looked at it that way.. I'm essentially picking Gordon for the 35th pick (vs Lewis with the 140th). Some of the keepers on other teams are the Derrick Henry types so the Gordon pick is probably closer to 30th, but the angle is the same.
  13. I wish I got offers like that in my league lol. I'd definitely do that.
  14. Brees will drop off at some point, and so I'm in agreement that this needs to be factored in. If you can get Barkley through this trade then I kind of like it. My question would be, what other QB's are going to be available? It's a very deep position now.
  15. I'm taking over a team in a 10-team full point PPR and can keep 2 guys, but they cost me 2 rounds earlier than drafted. I am definitely keeping Davante Adams (losing a 9th rounder), but am torn between Dion Lewis (12th rounder) or Melvin Gordon (2nd rounder). I am picking 6th, so in the second round I'd have to give up the 15th pick for Gordon. Both are good values, but I feel like I can make a strong case for both. What do you guys think? To me, getting Lewis for near nothing would enable me to keep my second round pick and develop a deep team. On the other hand, there will be 2 or 3 top RB's kept by other teams before the draft starts (Johnson & McKinnon for sure) so RB will be even more slim, and I like the idea of having a Gordon & Elliott or Gordon & Hopkins start.