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  1. When I Watch the games, it just looks like really poorly designed run plays. Like DJ last year, or Jordan Howard...just plow up the middle...nothing deceptive...
  2. I'd take this in a second. Mixon has injury's early in the season, hopefully you can find other RB's to fill in the gaps for a while.
  3. My FF strategy is to buy 1 or 2 lotto tickets. You can only play so many players. A lot of the WW transaction players never break the starting lineup except on byes or injuries. That leaves 1 or 2 slots open for league winning players. I think Eckler could be one, though I worry about him holding up. And with the way CJ Anderson carried people to titles last year because of Gurley going down, Brown is as good as anyone. He's just a lotto ticket, nothing more. How can you not be excited for this guy if he becomes the lead back on the Ram's? It's only week's a long season....
  4. Zeke wasn't with his team until 4 days before kickoff - it made sense to me he was on a snapcount. Gurley? Who was with them all preseason? And everyone saying he's 100%? To miss that much? It's possible he'll get back to where he used to be, or close to it, but I dunno - just seems off. .
  5. No one is saying he's dead, but come on - when's the last RB who was limited like that? You either play your best, or sit out. To pick up right where you left off in the playoffs last year...sitting out a lot...after an entire off season - something isn't right with him, and it's not just limiting his snaps to ease him back in. I guess we'll see, but as a Gurley owner, I'd be looking to move him in fear of the season ahead.
  6. I had Goff last year, and the first half of the season, he was lighting it up. Then something changed, and he was consistently killing me in the QB position with single digit outings. I Feel like the NFL got a read on what makes him uncomfortable - pressure. He is NOT the same QB when the OL collapses and he's got pressure on him. When he has time, he will drop dimes all day. So I don't know...I avoided him, because you never know what he's going to throw up FF wise. They will always run it in when they can, so he misses a lot of TD's because of that.
  7. You can't sit Cook, even if it's not a good matchup.
  8. Raheem Mosetart - When Breida goes down.
  9. You want to trade the #1 player in the draft?? lol There's crazy studies that show the #1 pick wins an obscene amount of time. By week 10, you'll be loving a stud who regularly puts up 20 points when everyone else is playnig dinged up RB's chasing points off the ww.
  10. Malcom Brown is still on our WW. I'm already cuffing Cook with Mattison...and have MG3 sitting on my bench wasting a spot... My WR are: Hopkins, Julio, Gallup, Sanders, Ridley I feel like if JUlio ever gets hurt, Ridley would be a WR1....but because of that, on the Bye week...RIdley will be out too, so if I have any injuries, I'll be short a WR. Brown is just a gamble I Guess....
  11. I would. Seems like you could pick up a good WR off ww here or there, but there's no picking up someone like Hock.
  12. you're set at I'd focus on RB's
  13. I'm confused on reading your post, but if you can get TE Waller and drop do that yesterday.
  14. Woods, Boyd and Gallup should be able to hold the fort down for a while, no? I think you're fine...any one of these dudes is capable of going off. I didn't watch a lot of the WASH or BALT game, so I didn't get a read on how much the QB's looked for them. Like...was it a flukey game, or are they the #1 WR on that team...
  15. I think LF has the potential to be a top 10 RB...maybe higher. I'd stick with him, and try to pick up some of the juicy WW WR's from this weekend.