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  1. anyone worried about the poor line play so far in this pre-season? DF seems to have a spring in his step but man so far this pre-season this line hasn't been good.
  2. I think on Sanders in a keeper league I am going to take him. Howard is a UFA next year and this could be ALL Sanders next year. I agree with the argument in re-draft it might be tough to get touches, but I think by year end he is the guy. Things change over the season. NOW it might not look good, but in 3 months how does that backfield look. Next year I think it's all his and he is a high 3rd Rd pick. ADP update, in the last week on NFC i see him at 62. So high stakes cash guys are taking him there as of this writing in redraft
  3. The way Cam reacted, I don't think he is fine. The players usually know. He seemed "to know".
  4. yeah I get the worry on Mixon since OL hurt and AJ green. But how much worse is it than last year? the new coach seems a plus. I mean what is wrong with RB9, missing 2 games, in the 2nd round? If Green comes back and the coach is good, can't he be a bit better. I don't get from anyone why he will be worse than last year.
  5. where does he top off do you guys think?
  6. Thanks joined. Good little buy in amount and nice size. My yahoo account won't be the same but PM me with questions. Thanks.
  7. Why is that? That week is a loss then versus greater odds the other weeks ?
  8. I had to look it up. AGJ has 9 games about 8 Targets a game. Yeah I see your point now in 2018. They ran a lot less plays that their opponents. Thanks got it now. I think I agree with the point 2 wr’s can co-exist in Cinn.
  9. Yeah I do t buy the SOS arguments. You never know. But byes. I want to st least know I have an issue a certain week but yes maybe the buys makes Allison a value around his ADP. Thanks
  10. So in 17 and 18 maybe not to. Thanks. A guy in my division has Boyd so just checking thread. Seems like in the past could support 2. Last year maybe not with Mixon. Good stuff, thanks
  11. Maybe I am doing it wrong. We have a keeper league. 5 keepers. I have juju and dj moore at wr with cook mixon and freeman. I think both wr bye in same week. I want Godwin in the first. I think all 3 have week 7 byes. I would think I want to be on the lookout for wr that have good week 7 matchups. Like Green Bay with Allison or MVS later. isn’t that considering bye weeks? But it seems to make sense to me to do it that way.
  12. Can someone post the years cinn supported 2 wr and what were the stats. Wasn’t green out so last year cinn had 1wr? I dint usually post in these tit for tats but seems like a full year of green will knock Boyd way back.
  13. I have Adams and jjss. Does that count 😀. Been play Hilton in flex. I agree not a great matchup but that hasn’t hurt him all year