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  1. Rolling with Goff against the NFL's worst secondary last week cost me a championship. Had I played Allen I'd be in the money right now. Allen all the way. That rushing floor is just too nice to pass up.
  2. Just needed 6 out of hi in a ppr. Could have started Engram or Burton instead. I hate fantasy
  3. Haha dont I wish. Goff killed me or I wouldn’t be in this spot
  4. Standard, with extra points for yards. We get a point per 6 instead of a point per 10
  5. My only other homerun thought is Watson instead of Thomas and hoping brees targets him...
  6. I have the same problem, only I need 20 from those two. Non ppr, but extra points for yards. Point per 6 instead of point per ten. I think its 50/50
  7. In one league I need McCaffrey to score less than 15. That's going to be tight thanks to Goff crapping the bed for me. In my other league I need 20pts out of Mark Ingram and Ian Thomas. Fingers crossed...
  8. Goff killed me. Even 1 td would have put my game out of range. Now I have a 15pt lead and my opponent has McCaffrey
  9. Ty Montgomery being inactive change the calculus on Ingram vs Dixon? Anyone think he’s got more upside than Ingram against the bucs?