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  1. I hate to say it, but I’d go Mike Williams with Harris covering Allen.
  2. I have Zeke and Fournette in my other spots. will answer yours!
  3. I have Mark Ingram, and currently have Darrel Williams stashed on the bench. I’d have to drop Williams to add him and am very shallow at rb. It’s a superflex and we run two rbs and two flex, and only 4 bench spots. In one I have an injured hill, and stashed hunt (keeper league and I can keep him for $0), and a Qb. leave yours!
  4. Contrarian take, id do the trade. Your WR depth is good in name, but shaky in reality as it’s heavily weighted to one, streaky, team. I always look look at the team getting the best player in any trade, and that player is Adams. Only twist is I might ask for them to include a bench/depth rb.
  5. I’d be all over that trade. If you can pull it off go for it.
  6. Deebo, Tyrell Williams, McLaurin. i spent a bunch of faab on Terry, but his an situation is the stuff of nightmares. Deebo is out there on waivers, but I have to drop someone to get him. I’ll end up starting two of these guys (2wr spots, 2 flex) only other drop drop I have is Darrel Williams but I’d like to hold. Leave yours and I’ll answer!
  7. Yeah it’s a tough call since I’d have to drop one for the other. Mike will no doubt blow up a few games but will be quiet in others. im going for “steady” in this roster spot as I already have a boom or bust in gordon and suffering two is tough. thanks!
  8. Sanders for sure. I love Robinson but he has some hot garbage throwing him the ball. Couple that with a killer defense that should keep total scoring low, I have a hard time being confident in big numbers. sanders is steady, Flacco is over the nfl hill but still competent, and if sanders gets traded...all the better
  9. I had to drop Mike Williams last week, and he went unclaimed on waivers. I spent a hefty faab on mclaurin, but am shaky now that Haskins is in. Pick Williams back up instead? Could drop McLaurin or Darrel Williams leave yours and I’ll answer!
  10. Straight up. .5 pt ppr, 3wr league. Right now I have tyreek (injured), diggs and Gordon. Brady on my bench. Thinking to capitalize on Lamar. Thoughts? will answer yours!
  11. I’m definitely in the Gordon camp. Tough draw this week but he’ll get the looks.