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  1. C. Davis is going to be an excellent play as long as Tannehill is at QB.
  2. He is on the waiver this week.... thinking of using my #1 waiver on him..... thinking he is gonna have a 2nd half like last season.
  3. Playing any KCs WRs is like playing a saints WR outside of colston back in the day..... somebody was gonna have a big day, but it’s like wheel of fortune. Great QBs have a tendency to do that.
  4. Slay matters...... let me explain. slay is Detroit’s #1 corner and he will cover Watkins; however, if slay is out and their #2 corner has to cover Watkins that’s puts the 3rd corner on hardman. Wow football is easy.
  5. Give him a shot and put him out there.
  6. Just saying i drafted cook over mahomes and got Jackson late.
  7. Wut? he doesn’t have much more points than Lamar Jackson and I took him in the 13th round. Just sayin.
  8. I don’t have cook...... I still have mattison. If cooks makes 6 games healthy it will be the first time he ever has.