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  1. It’s gonna be hard for me to draft him for a 3rd year in a row.
  2. How many games do you realistically thing he plays and at what % health? I’m thinking 6 games. 3 of those games being at 70%.
  3. Sammy will be lucky to get through training camp uninjured... hell he is probably injured now. Mahomes will have kelce and a few rookie WRs to throw to. Good luck buddy.
  4. I’m excited to see Ingram on this team.... run run run... he is perfect for this situation.
  5. He has had ankle issues going back to his college days. Always hurt even at LSU but was able to play through it there. One of top 3 backs “when healthy”. That being said I wouldn’t draft him in first 3 rounds.
  6. Seriously? baker and rivers are not in the same tier this week.
  7. Mayfield vs Trubisky is a coin flip. Prolly would have to take mayfield if I had to pick.
  8. Please don’t play rivers. There are 10 QBs that are better options. Seriously you can pick someone off waivers.
  9. If healthy hilton is a much much much much much better play lately.