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  1. Yeah agree 100%. Not sure why they changed a good look. Now we have miniature snapshots of the players which helps so much LOL. Ridiculous.
  2. Your team of 40 players will fill up a salary cap roster just like the big league! (link to player salaries will be posted) This is our first draft so very exciting indeed. ESPN 20 teams, H2H Each Cat. snake style will draft hopefully if league fills this weekend. Leaguesafe $25 buyin. Payouts to winner, runner up and division winners (4). Would like this league to resemble the MLB as close as possible. Currently nothing in writing but am thinking of including our leagues playoffs along side the MLB playoffs. This would help with the issue of player resting the final few weeks which has impacted fantasy sports greatly in recent years. Link to the league with option to join...
  3. Hello. My league is brand new H2H Cat. 20 teams and 25 dollar entry thru leaguesafe. It's going to be a dynasty league snake draft with a full roster MLB like 40 players. I also want to include a salary cap payroll type scenario for all the teams just like the major league. I will have links to player salaries so you can adjust your lineups accordingly. Here's the link/ settings to check out the league and join also if interested...
  4. Will schedule new draft time right after league fills. This time should be within 48 hours after it fills.
  5. Might draft but it's not free. Full roster league.
  6. I have a brand new league so keepers will start next season. Full 40 man roster, 35 minimum keepers, 25 dollar entry fee. let me know if interested and I will send a link, thanks. Also, it's on ESPN and 20 teams, H2H.
  7. League is filling slowly but surely, 17 teams still available.
  8. $25 buyin Drafting when league fills, hopefully this weekend, here's the link if interested....
  9. $25 leaguesafe buyin. ESPN H2H 40 player roster with minimum 35 keepers 2020. 20 teams, 4 divisions looking to draft as soon as league fills. Payouts to winner, runner up and 3rd place. More details on ESPN league home page. Links to join/settings:
  10. Still only 1 person aboard the league bus. Saturday is draft day so come on down!