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  1. Sounds good schneidavie! Want an invite or more info?
  2. Need 1 owner to take over a last place team which is actually only 5 games behind 1st place team in division. This is a small 8 team dynasty league, 2 years young. Leave email if interested more info or invite. Here is teams current lineup:
  3. You got it webbnut. Sending invite, thanks.
  4. Update: Now it's one team available and here is the teams roster so leave your email if interested in taking over this team....
  5. Check that, now it's 2 teams available.
  6. Sent team info Seattle.
  7. One team still available, so leave email and I can send teams roster to look at.
  8. This league is alot of fun if the right people, someone who loves to compete, would join and take over a team or I should say teams because there are actually 10 out of 20 teams available. These owners have no interest in playing, no activity basically since day 1. SAD! Why even join? Anyway this is a 20 team ESPN league H2H Each Cat. where the 2 worst record teams dual to stay alive but the losers season ends. His players become available to pick up Monday morning during the daily auction. Leave your email here if interested. I will send team rosters so you can choose your team along with settings if interested.
  9. Sent out emails of teams available so let me know if interested. First come, first serve. Currently 3 teams available, probably a 4th team soon.
  10. This is a 16 team H2H Each Cat. league and a few of the teams need new owners. Current owners seem to have gone on vacation. Leave email here and I will send invite and settings.
  11. This league will have an elimination of the worst team halfway through the season, then weekly until the last team standing claims survival! This kind of format works best with Roto scoring and with more teams so to start I am posting a 20 team league which I could lower slightly depending on the response. Will draft (vote for snake or auction as an owner) as soon as we fill the league. Here's the link to join...