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  1. Yahoo pro 20 h2h auction league needs 2 managers to fill cant send invites but just search under pro leagues and date for 3/26 at 4 est if spots are still open it will show need 2 to confirm league
  2. Draft is wed 3/20 at 9est still has one spot , cant send invite just join via the pro league section and chose 3/20 draft at 9 est trying to post to fill it out so it does not get cancelled
  3. 1. LEAGUE OVERVIEW 1.1 Type: Pro Football Pickem 1.2 Size: 100 team max (25 team min) 1.3 Entry Fee: $25 per team 1.4 Weekly Payouts (17): 1st=$30 (for 61 team lg) 1.5 Season Payouts (8): 1st=$300, 2nd=$180, 3rd=$120, 4th=$75, 5th=$45, HighWinPicks=$60, HighWkPtsPct=$30, LowWkPtsPct=$30 (for 61 team lg)1.6 Pick deadline is 5 minutes before each game 2. LEAGUE DETAILS 2.1 This is a Pro Football Pickem group using standard Yahoo settings and rules unless specified otherwise in this file. 2.2 The season will last 17 weeks and will not include the NFL playoff season. 2.3 We will be using point spreads provided by Yahoo and confidence points for all games. 2.4 If 25 to 100 teams signup, the league will be played. (payouts will be adjusted based on the actual number of teams) 2.5 If 100 teams signup, each (extra) team will be given a refund or the option to join another league. 2.6 It is each managers responsibility to make and save their picks and confidence points before each deadline. 2.7 Anyone that has more than 1 team in the league or fails to follow the rules in this file or the Yahoo rules may be locked and disqualified from winning a payout. 3. COMMISSIONER TEAMS 3.1 The Commissioner will play as a regular active team in this league using the team name "The Commishinator". 4. FEES & PAYOUTS 4.1 All entry fees must be paid before the first game of the season using Paypal in US dollars. 4.2 This league has a $25 entry fee per team and the sender is responsible for Paypal fees (if any). 4.3 There are no Paypal fees for those in the US and Canada who use the "Friends and Family" option and use their Paypal balance or bank balance for payment. 4.4 If you choose to use a credit card for payment, you should use the "Friends and Family" option and select that the sender pays any fees. 4.5 If you are outside the US or Canada or you don't use the "Friends and Family" option, you should add any fees charged by Paypal to your payment amount so that after fees $25 will be received. 4.6 The Commissioner team will have no entry fee. 4.7 There will be 25 payouts (17 weekly payouts and 8 full season payouts) detailed below. 4.8 Each week 1 team with the highest weekly point total will get 2% of the entry fees. ($30 for 61 team lg) 4.9 The 1st place season point total winner will get 20% of the entry fees. ($300 for 61 team lg) 4.10 The 2nd place season point total winner will get 12% of the entry fees. ($180 for 61 team lg) 4.11 The 3rd place season point total winner will get 8% of the entry fees. ($120 for 61 team lg) 4.12 The 4th place season point total winner will get 5% of the entry fees. ($75 for 61 team lg) 4.13 The 5th place season point total winner will get 3% of the entry fees. ($45 for 61 team lg) 4.14 1 team with the most wins (in the W-L standings) will get 4% of the entry fees. ($60 for 61 team lg) 4.15 1 team with the highest points percentage for a single week will get 2% of the entry fees. ($30 for 61 team lg) 4.16 1 team with the lowest points percentage for a single week will get 2% of the entry fees. To qualify for this payout a team must have made all team and confidence pts picks for the week. ($30 for 61 team lg) 4.17 The remainder of the entry fees will go to the Commissioner to cover league setup and management.4.18 A single team can receive more than one payout if they win more than one weekly payout and/or more than one full season category. 4.19 In the event of a tie for the weekly point winner, the Yahoo tiebreaker(s) will be used (usually the Monday night score). 4.20 In the event of ties for the season winners, the payout(s) will be split among all tied teams. Example: A 2-way tie for 1st would have the top 2 teams split the 1st & 2nd place payouts. 4.21 All payouts will be made using Paypal to the same email address from which the entry fee was received. 5. REGISTRATION DETAILS 5.1 Please read this entire file before registering. 5.2 Send the $25 entry fee to using Paypal and choose the "Friends and Family" option. (See section 4 if you are using a credit card or you are outside the US or Canada) 5.3 DO NOT write anything in the Paypal Comment/Subject areas. 5.4 Send a separate email to that includes your Paypal address, the total amount sent, your team name and the league you are paying for. 5.5 Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis and the order your Paypal payment and email is received will determine your priority. 5.6 Any unpaid teams may be removed from the league without notice to make room for other teams. 5.7 If the league is cancelled due to not enough teams, you will be given a refund or the option to join another league. 5.8 You will not be given a refund if you change your mind or drop out for any other reason or if you fail to make picks before the deadline 6. Play hard, Play fair, Have fun!
  4. Yeah as stated in the title $25 buy in Leagues is filling up 6 out of 12 taken Only need 6 more managers
  5. Wanted to get in on the trend of SuperFlex as Its the only way to make the most important position on the field matter in Fantasy Football. Gonna be a 12 team league. Open to suggestions on league settings as well. Looking for 10 more managers as me and co-commish have already joined and ready to go. Draft set for Tuesday September 4th at 7pm est but open to change that as well just want to get it in before week 1 start on the 6th and after the last pre season game has been played so somewhere in that Saturday through Wedensday timeframe. Or can email me at pantherking1983 @ (thegooglemailservice) 4/12 spots currently filled League ID#: 1167013 League Name: Show Me Your TD's Auto-renew Enabled: No Draft Type: Live Auction Draft Draft Time: Tue Sep 4 7:00pm EDT [ Add to My Calendar ] Cash League Settings: Entry Fee $25.00 Payment Deadline: September 2, 2018 Number of Teams: 12 First Place: $170 (56.67%) Second Place: $80 (26.67%) Most Points: $25 (8.33%) Best Record: $25 (8.33%) Cash League Contest ID: 4146aad2 Max Teams: 12 Scoring Type: Head-to-Head Start Scoring on: Week 1 Can't Cut List Provider: Yahoo Sports Max Acquisitions for Entire Season: No maximum Max Acquisitions per Week: No maximum Max Trades for Entire Season No maximum Trade End Date: November 10, 2018 Allow Draft Pick Trades: No Trade Review: League Votes Trade Reject Time: 2 days Waiver Time: 2 days Waiver Type: FAAB w/ Reverse order of standings tiebreak Weekly Waivers Game Time - Tuesday Allow injured players from waivers or free agents to be added directly to injury slot: Yes Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules Invite Sharing Tools: Enabled Playoffs: Week 15 and 16 (4 teams) Note: Week 16 runs 7 days from Dec 18 to Dec 24 Playoff Tie-Breaker: Higher seed wins Playoff Reseeding: Yes Divisions: No Lock Eliminated Teams: No League Pickem: Yes Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, Q/W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR Fractional Points: Yes Negative Points: Yes Make League Publicly Viewable: Yes Invite Permissions: All Managers Can Invite Offense League Value Yahoo Default Value Passing Yards 20 yards per point 25 yards per point Passing Touchdowns 4 Interceptions -1 Rushing Yards 10 yards per point Rushing Touchdowns 6 Receptions 1 0.5 Receiving Yards 10 yards per point Receiving Touchdowns 6 Return Yards 20 yards per point 0 Return Touchdowns 6 2-Point Conversions 2 Fumbles Lost -2 Offensive Fumble Return TD 6 40+ Yard Run 1 0 40+ Yard Receptions 1 0 Kickers League Value Yahoo Default Value Field Goals 0-19 Yards 3 Field Goals 20-29 Yards 3 Field Goals 30-39 Yards 4 3 Field Goals 40-49 Yards 5 4 Field Goals 50+ Yards 6 5 Point After Attempt Made 1 Defense/Special Teams League Value Yahoo Default Value Sack 1 Interception 2 Fumble Recovery 2 Touchdown 6 Safety 2 Block Kick 2 Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns 6 Points Allowed 0 points 10 Points Allowed 1-6 points 7 Points Allowed 7-13 points 4 Points Allowed 14-20 points 1 Points Allowed 21-27 points 0 Points Allowed 28-34 points -1 Points Allowed 35+ points -4 Extra Point Returned 2