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  1. Fournette shouldn't even be in consideration, even if he plays it'll be on a limited basis. I have fournette as well and personally I may just sit him this week based on that alone. I don't have an answer though, tough call. In a vacuum obviously it's mixon but it's against a stout ravens defense. Flip a coin or choose the player you like better?
  2. Rank these RBs

    Also keep in mind this is half ppr. I think based on that alone places lewis ahead of the pack
  3. Rank these RBs

    Lewis Lynch Freeman Barber Lewis first because I'm not sold on henry, and probably never will be Lynch and Freeman are fairly equal. Both carry risks: raiders could potentially limit carries for lynch earlier on in the season like they did last year. I would've put Freeman higher but then you have lindsay showing up last week and who can guess what that backfield will eventually resolve to be
  4. Give Mahomes for Watson?

    Mahomes. Obviously the sample size of games from both are very small, so you have to consider the other variables like team offense, coaching, line, etc. These all point to keeping mahomes imo
  5. do i get robbed?

    What's the rest of your squad looking like?
  6. Broncos D vs Ravens D

    I'd roll with the ravens. Slated to be a low scoring game + it's TNF. I think you're fine either way though
  7. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    I understand what you're trying to say, just wanted to point out that you and some others seemed to be arguing about this "bellcow" thing but with differing definitions, so obviously it's not going anywhere. Question for you: roughly how many carries per game is required for you to consider a RB a bellcow? like what's your definition? or is it based more on the share/percentage of total carries per game? I think you'd agree that not all bellcows are created equal, regardless of how you define it. But if someone like say rawls was able to stay healthy and sustain ~15 carries a game, that would definitely be bellcow usage, at least in most peoples books. The fact that it didn't occur, was due strictly to injury. So while you're right in the sense that they haven't had a bellcow in a while, you're wrong in that pete hasn't tried to use one as a bellcow, which is what I think someone was arguing as their first point earlier. I would argue that pete's intent to find and use a RB as a bellcow is important to consider in the context of drafting.
  8. David Njoku 2018 Outlook

    Yeah I agree, this is tough situation because those kinds of redzone targets are split between gordon and njoku, at best. More probably than not that gordon receivers a higher share, but who knows going in. I think the QB that ends up solidifying as the starter plays an important part here. I'd be much more comfortable picking up njoku with tyrod playing, as he has a history of passing to TEs (clay). Saw bits and pieces of baker yesterday, and from everything I'm hearing, it's sounding like he's not your typical rookie QB that may need to rely on the TE safety net as others do. Still think njoku is worth picking up at his ADP if you can, last I checked was around 10-11th round.
  9. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    Logic is flawed here. What you're saying is that a bellcow requires both a healthy amount of carries per game AND remaining healthy over the course of a season. The others, whom I'd agree with, are saying it should be based essentially only on the first point, the number of carries given WHEN they're actually in the game. DJ gets injured last year and misses the season, but I don't think anyones arguing that he's no longer a bellcow type back. To some degree, this seems to be a debate over the semantics of "bellcow" but I still think your argument is more flawed than the others. Just my two cents.