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  1. Its definitely a bold strategy... to take both TEs off the board early to thin out the position for the rest of the league, and rely heavily on the best trade offer..... probly a little too rich for my blood, but definitely not dumb in my opinion.
  2. Thank you... This guy gets it... The want for Kelce as a set and forget TE, is a big part in this... but the fact that it causes fallers from round 2 onwards means it could potentially land me a better team than i should be able to draft... Throw in the possibility of Mahomes going early causing a similar trend in the QB area... Thank you.
  3. hahaha. if I choose to go with the RB1/WR1 option, I would seriously consider doing that or Hunter Henry. I went this approach last year with Trey Burton at round 8 and was left picking up the pieces all season in the TE area. cost me crucial matchups until I took a risk and traded for Gronk who wasn't any better. (got him cheap, don't worry haha).
  4. I persoanlly would rather take RB1 and WR1 at my 8-9 pick, i would have first pick at WR of Nuk, Adams, Hill, Thomas, Julio and AB. But, i think the choice to pass on one of these big names to get Kelce (whos numbers arent that far behind this crop) alongside his positional value being that TE is tough to come by. I know once Kelce goes in my league, that Ertz and Kittle go straight after..... without hesitation.....Our league from previous seasons understands the importance of TE set and forget too much. Kelce literally carried the coach who finished top seed in regular season to a 11-3 record... I dont see Ertz or Kittle making it to 24 if i dont take Kelce at TE1 off the board. If i can cause a panic domino effect at TE early, that “should” push WR names such as Evans, OBJ, Juju, Green, Allen down to my 24 pick for my WR1 slot. While aiming at guys in the 5/6 turn around like Golladay for WR2.
  5. Thanks mate. I personally think in an 8 teamer, he “should” make it to the third round also... but i really dont see him making it to my end of the round, 3.8 pick... the round 2.1 pick (9 overall) is to cause panic amongst the league, mess up any predraft plants they may of had, gain me a “set and forget” at a very shallow position... If another coach was to panic, and take Ertz and Kittle once Kelce gets reached on... that pushes 2 guys back down further to my 3.8 pick that “shouldnt” of been available for me that late in round 3....
  6. Thanks for that... I am im a few leagues yeh... some are 12 team PPR aswell..... The one i am in referance to however, is my main league as we have a cash buy in, a plaqued trophy and a private facebook page with weekly awards for best coaching move/decision and penalties for the worst one..... voted by the league... Everyone gets into and its a decent league to be apart of... This is the one i put most effort in and the one thats got me scratching my head as we already have determined to draft order based on last seasons final standings. My problem is if I pass on Kelce at the round 2 area... I may aswell just snag somebody in the later rounds because i highly doubt Kelce, Ertz, Kittle or Ebron will be there at the 3/4 turnaround for my 3rd and 4th pick...
  7. Thanks for weighing in on mine mate... appreciate it. as for yours, ive never been in a keeper league but understand its concept and actually really like the idea of it... as for your question, i would definitely look to offer for Woods and Ertz (given you WRs) if he is seeking a RB, i would offer up either Jones or Kerryon, with Henry so he isnt short a TE... personally, i think Aaron Jones is a sell high based off last season. Just an opinion. I think the Packers are a confusing outfit with the RB area. And the recent talk of Lions opting to be a run first offence, along with Kerryons skill and youth... Guice will return big things aswell i feel... hes a talent.
  8. Thanks for replying... so you like the idea of Kelce at 9th overall (round 2, pick 1) based off of the thoughts behind it?
  9. Just thinking out loud here guys, seeking pro’s and con’s opinions for my “method to madness”.... hear me out... im in an 8 team league where every coach has a reasonably solid team... (yes, i would rather a 12, but being in a small town in australia, we are limited to finding people with the same pssion for NFL) I won our leagues 2018 season last year, and therefore, our leagues rule is the reverse the seasons final standings for the following years draft order. (Ie. 1st place gets 8th pick, 2nd place gets 7th pick........... 8th place gets 1st pick. Etc) i know it’s EXTREMELY early to predict anything, but f--- it, its fun...... predicting our draft round 1 next season looks something like this - (im pick 8 ***) ROUND 1 - 1 - Gurley 2 - Saquon 3 - Zeke/Mccaffrey 4 - Zeke/Mccaffrey 5 - Gordon (Chargers fan) 6 - Connor (Steelers fan) 7 - Kamara *** 8 - Bell/Chubb/Mixon/Adams/Nuk Heres the Travis Kelce relevance... at my round 2 pick (pick 2.1, 9th overall), i am strongly considering on a major reach of taking Kelce, and while it sounds stupid to take him ahead of guys like AB, Mixon, Nuk. Etc.... REASONING = • I have always personally believed drafting on the ends (picks 1 or 8) you need to be very BOLD with your selections as it is a long time before your next pick. (In this example, round 3.8 - pick 24 is my next pick) • If i was to reach on Kelce at 2.1, my thoughts are that it will potentially and hopefully cause a panic amongst the league, as we are all very aware how helpful a top teir TE is in an 8 team league, and feel between my round 2 and 3 picks that Ertz, Kittle and possibly even Ebron (if im lucky) may all be reached on and taken.... therefore pushing 1-3 fallers down toward my round 3.1 pick... (best case scenario) • im certain Ertz and Kittle would be reached on if Kelce goes EARLY and taken before my next pick, which pushes 2 guys that “shouldnt” be there at my pick for round 3. • I also go by a theory in drafting that “YOU HAVE TO REACH TO GUARENTEE GETTING WHAT YOU WANT” and Kelce has proven he is worth the reach posting WR1 numbers consecutive seasons, and with Mahomes at the helm now, even more so... • worst case scenario, i do this and i get off to a bad win-loss record to start the season, i have trade value in Kelce who demands “paying overs” on the trade market, and can really be a helpful tool on the trade block if needed... again, worst case scenario... fall back insurance... • the “blindside” factor, that it will potentially change/put off any predraft planning the other 7 coaches have done... None of them will plan for TEs to start going off the board so early in their mock drafting. Etc, giving me an advantage to be able to plan for it, while all their preseason plans go out the window... just thinking out loud and gettind carried away, haha, but would appreciate your opinions on this thought??? cheers guys
  10. Hi Guys, in bit of a pickle. 0.5 PPR 12 team league. which QB should I start this week? Arod v Bears Mayfield v Broncos or stream - Josh Allen v Lions this is a sudden death final game. I also have Bears defence so don't really want Rodgers to go well. WHIR cheers in advance
  11. do we have any indication who Mcvay will favour out of Kelly or Davis as the RB2 option?
  12. why is this even a question? Take and run, and never look back
  13. Thanks... yeh, its 8 team, and my RBs still stand to be - Gurley Zeke White Chubb Howard losing Mixon and Ingram is okay... its Hill i dont want to lose, my WR2 becomes Diggs or Kupp. And even though they are good, i love Hills upside...
  14. I would personally target diggs and OJ. I think they could be your “cheapest” targets and serve a good purpose in your squad.... just depends on what the coach wants in return... PLEASE DO MINE