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  1. On ESPN our scoring table resetted to 0, like it happenede after the preseason games. Did this also happen to your leagues?
  2. thanks for all the advice. So I think my plan is to go for a 2for1 with cov/rich/collins
  3. Keep Hezonja, put the others on your watch list and if one of them goes off, you can still add them. Having Hezonja as your probably weakest player in a 14 teamer is a nice spot to be in.
  4. I wouldn't drop any of your guys for him. You really don't lack point guards and you shouldn't expect a top 120 season from White..he will have some oppurtunities, but even D Murray was barely top 150 last season and I think he is way more talented and can contribute in more cats than White.
  5. We did our 14 team 9-cat ROTO draft a few days ago. My team is super crazy and I think, that I have a safe top 3 spot. But I think I lack assists somehow. I think I have way too much steals and I think it would be fine to be a bit lower on blocks. What are players I should be looking for in trades and who are the guys you would consider trading away? My Lineup: PG: Eric Bledsoe SG: Victor Oladipo SF: Paul George PF: Anthony Davis C: Myles Turner G: Jamal Murray F: John Collins UTIL: JRich UTIL: BobCov UTIL: Kyle Anderson BE: Malcolm Brogdon BE: Jaren Jackson Jr. BE: Cedi Osman Don't ask me how I get this stacked team. We did some draft pick trading before the season and I ended up with insane picks.
  6. You definetely overpay on both of them. I would none of Drummond or Simmons consider a top 12 pick. So why would you really do that? Take the best players avaliable and punt according to that. Drummonds assists will be way lower this year, because they were already going down after a hot start (Griffin trade). You don't only punt FT% and 3PM, but you are also very low in points. Thats already 3 categories with your first two picks. In turnovers you also don't have a positive outcome out of these guys. So you only get: rebounds, one guy with nice assists, FG%, steals and nice, but not crazy good blocks. So in my opinion it would be too much of a reach. Just take other avaliable guys (maybe Kawhi, Embiid, Oladipo, PG, Butler or whoever you think will be a better player than either of these two.
  7. I would rank my top 6 for roto 1 AD 2 Harden (not even on your list) 3 Towns 4 Giannis 5 Durant 6-9 Curry/Jokic/LeBron/Kawhi (can go either way) I think most people agree on the top 2 and after that everything depends on what you think will happen. Will Golden State players play more than 70/75 games? Will Kawhi play the full season? Do you prefer assists/efficiency/3pt/ or whatever with your first rounder?
  8. This year we decided to allow draftpick trading. We had a vote in our league about it and all agreed it would be a nice idea. We don't have any keepers or dynasty going on and we can only trade this years picks, so that noone is going to tank or something like this. Just trade this years picks. What do you think, is this a good idea? I gave it a shot and tried to raise my chances for good players in the draft. It's a 14-Team 9-cat roto league (13 roster spots, no IR). So it's a bit deeper than your usual 12 team league. We did a lottery and i ended up with pick #3, so my initial picks were third in odd rounds and number 12 in even rounds. I offered a lot of very lopsided trades and fortunately one team accepted one of them. I traded away my 3.3 #31 & 4.12 #54 to get 2.2 #16. So now I had picks 3,16&26. 3 Picks in the top 30. Then I thought, I wanted another 5th rounder, just because i think after the 60-70 range, there is a real dropoff this year. So my next trade that was acceepted, was I get: 5.8 #64 8.7 #105 11.8 #148 I give: 6.12 #82 7.3 #87 11.3 #143 So I basically swapped round 5&8 for 6&7 (who cares if you pick 143 or 148) Trade number 3 was kind of the same, but i traded away my round 8&9 for a 7&10 But not only that...I gave 8.12 #110 and 9.3 #115 and I got 7.1 #85 and 10.14 #140 my pick went up from end of round 8 to the start of round 7. By that point i still had only 12 picks, so I decided to go for a bit more depth, but didn't want to give up a lot. So after getting the best pick in the trade 3 times, I decided to trade down a little. I gave away 2.12 #26 and got 3.4 #32 & 4.11#53 If you compare this to the very first trade i did, it was quite similar (round 2 for 3&4) but I only had to go down 6 spots to get a nearly top 50 pick. Trade #5 I consider just straight up robbery. Someone really wanted my 2.2 #16 pick and after some talks I convinced him to give me 2.4 #18 and 4.12 #54. So again, I traded down only to spots for an extra top 60 pick. Thinking I would like to get into top 50 once more, i managed to get another nice trade. I get: 4.2 #44 4.14 #56 9.1 #113 I give: 4.11 #53 4.12 #54 8.7 #105 So ...yeah I gave away two 4th rounders and an 8th for two 4th rounders and 9th...but you can all do the maths, i guess. I still had 14 picks, because of the down trades, so I decided that i wanna get rid of one of my 10th+ round picks, just to get a tiny bit out of it. I found a manager that gave me 5.4 #60 and 6.11 #81 for my 5.8 #64 & 7.1 #85 & 10.14 i got up 4 spots two times and gave up a pick that i didn't really need anymore. So here is an overview where I started and where it got me. On the left side is my original pick and on the right side, where i will end up picking case no more trades will follow. 1.3 #3 ---> 1.3 #3 /no change 2.12 #26 --> 2.4 #18 /up 8 3.3 #31 --> 3.4 #32 /down 1 4.12 #54 --> 4.2 #44 /up 10 5.3 #59 --> 4.14 #56 /up 3 6.12 #82 --> 5.3 #59 /up 23 7.3 #87 --> 5.4 #60 /up 27 8.12 #110 --> 6.11 #81 /up 29 9.3 #115 --> 9.1 #113 /up 2 10.12 #138 --> 10.12 #138 /no change 11.3 #143 --> 11.8 #148 /down 5 12.12 #166 and 13.3 #171 stay the same I had to go down 1 pick in the third round and 5 in the 11th...but who really cares if you see the other outcomes. Do you guys like the strategy I approached? Were there some trades you wouldn't have done out of my perspective? Was it all in all just straight up robbery? I just don't know if draft pick trading is a good or bad idea. For me it worked out pretty well, but is it actually positive for the competitiveness of the league? I did write down the whole story, just to illustrate my thought processes and to give you some tips what you can possibly do. We actually just agreed to make these trades possible, so we have some fantasy fun during the we are europeans, nobody is going to play Fantasy Football or any of the other sports, nobody knows over here. Would you ever consider draft pick trading for your leagues?
  9. Hello. I am in a 14 Team 9-cat redraft, roto league. We have the possibility to trade draft picks of the current year only. I have the #3 overall pick, what could very likely be AD. (#1 is huge bucks fan and #2 is James Harden fan) Doesn't matter who is's the number 3 overall pick I was offered a first and a 2nd rounder (#13 and #16) overall. Should I do the 2 for 1? More often I like to be on the other end of a 2 for 1 but I am not sure if I should pull the trigger here. I am stupid to even think about it and not just accept the trade?
  10. what would you consider too high of a risk? how high would you go?
  11. Who do you think will be the 2nd fiddle in Cleveland next year? Someone besides Love has to put up some stats. Is Cedi the one who is getting touches or who do you trust in as a maybe sleeper guy?
  12. well yeah not so bold...but he has proven us wrong every year we tried this.
  13. Bold prediction: Lebron will actually decline/be rested/coast/whatever and not end up in the top 10 this year.
  14. We did a keeper league, where you could keep 2, but not your first round pick. If you keep a 2nd rounder, you abandon your first round pick in the next draft and this guy will count as your first rounder the year after. I like the system of not being able to keep first rounders, so that you can keep your low pick, high value players, but not just stack your team with a stupid amount of talent. So if you limit your keepers to 2 or 3, you have to actually think about what you are doing and no "end of season, I dont compete anymore, give me assets"-trades are going to happen.
  15. I would go with Parker and Murray Anunoby is likely to play behind Leonard, unless they dont know who to play at PF in Toronto Isaac is also most likely not starting....and if i look at the knicks point guard depth chart i dont know what to think about this.. parker will play for a bulls team that doesn't really compete. yes there are lavine, dunn, markkanen who will get a lot of touches, but someone has to grab the rebounds and they dont really have guys that can play and are young enough to develop into serious nba players. Murray in my mind is the safest bet, as he will be a starting point guard and i think its safe to take Spurs players again, as they wont be rested too much.