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  1. My James Conner for t.y. Hilton... figured I'd get a season-long player in case Le'Veon Bell comes back
  2. I think stills should get plenty of targets and has big upside due to the long ball. High floor/high ceiling guy.
  3. I understand how Vegas works. I'm not talking about the games where close to 50-50 are on each side. I'm talking about the games that 90% r on one side and 10% are on the other side. Usually the side that 10% is on covers/wins even though they are clearly the inferior team. Obviously I'm talking about 10% of the public and these fantasy "experts" are nothing but the public.
  4. Usually when 90% of people agree on something it ends up not happening. That's how Las Vegas make so much money. I just have a feeling that Watson is going to have a great season because almost every fantasy expert I listen to tells me that he won't.
  5. 12 team .5 ppr....did I get good value? 1 gurley 2 gronk 3 McKinnon 4 Hogan 5 d. Watson 6 c. Davis 7. K. Johnson 8. C. Carson 9. Garcon 10. A. Peterson 11. G. Allison 12. P. Mahomes 13. K. Golladay 14. B. Watson 15. Panthers D 16. Kc kicker 10.
  6. I'd be happy with Todd Gurley as my second running back