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  1. Zach Collins 2018-2019 Fantasy Outlook

    https://www.blazersedge.com/platform/amp/2018/10/21/18000492/zach-collins-video-defense-portland-trail-blazers-lakers "During the off season, Portland Trail Blazers fans were clamoring for a big move. The problem was, the Blazers were unwilling to trade talented young big man Zach Collins. On opening night of the season against the rival Los Angeles Lakers, Collins showed why. Let’s use that game to examine what makes Collins valuable to the Blazers."
  2. As Dudley said, 2-2-4 unless Kiki thinks Ingram really tried to get in the refs face too much.
  3. Waiver Wire Thread - Week 1 ending 10/21

    Which is why people also regard college, summer league, preseason and rookie performance. And the progress made there. So most smart managers look beyond 40 minutes played this year. 'You can take this to this threas'? What...? 'You two can save the charade'? Dude. You can save the attitude.
  4. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Almost flawless line. How some people look back at the Hakeem/Admiral lines from back when, is how people will regard Jokic and AD lines in a decade or two / three.
  5. Waiver Wire Thread - Week 1 ending 10/21

    If someone claims he was horribly statistically defensively without valid backup, I'm not going to put in more effort than post simple advanced stats. Doesn't have anything to do with understanding them. Easy cop out there Mia. "Better defensive rebounding %, defensive rating, and similar DWS to Jarrett Allen." Drtg: 107 (Zach) vs 108 (Allen) Dws 1.3 vs 1.5 Drb% 18.2 both Thats all I'm pointing out. Both are skinny defenders who will need to gain strength, and BOTH are, for a reason, getting a lot of credit for their development over their rookie season and potential. Jarrett gets hyped all over the place for hisbpotential, whil Zach is called horrible and a bust. Zach Collins was BY FAR the best defensive player in summer league, and showed potential in preseason as well. Whenever Nurk ces out of a game, you see the Blazers change on defense and thats mainly caused by Zach's mobility, quickness and ability to prove weakside D as well. By no means do his rookie STATS show he's anything near *great* defensively, but 'horrible' is not giving his development enough credit. His offense was 'horrible'. However, as someone who has watched him in college AND who watches every Blazers game, I can tell you he's a special defensive player with potentially good offense and range - which is a great combo for fantasy stats.
  6. Waiver Wire Thread - Week 1 ending 10/21

    TJ Warren is a really decent option. Hit 5/9 threes so far, low to, high FG%. I like him as a sixth man now that he has the three. Not too big on Yogi (or Kings).
  7. Waiver Wire Thread - Week 1 ending 10/21

    Better defensive rebounding %, defensive rating, and similar DWS to Jarrett Allen. Both scrawny, but both came on quite well in second half of season in NBA. Zach was really good at defending the perimeter, especially compared to Allen and was a really good defender overall in college. He needs a little time, he was one of the youngest guys in the league. His problem last year was offense. He still struggles there. To pretend his defense won't be special is silly, especially if you're going to mention length (wingspan ok, standing reach fantastic, vertical good), perimeter defense (strenght of his, help D really good, reads game well, good footwork and quickness). 'making all this stuff up, lol' 🤣
  8. Mitchell Robinson 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I know. 😁
  9. He started out slow last year as well. He had his stretches. In a few months people will be screaming 'sure fire #1!' again. Chill.
  10. Mitchell Robinson 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I'd easily drop him for a player like Danny Green.
  11. Thing is, Butler is actually the one passing the ball. Rise and Wiggins might go full retard when Butler is gone.
  12. Waiver Wire Thread - Week 1 ending 10/21

    Collins is a fantastic defender, and if his shot comes along he'll be very decent. Obviously he wont avg 6 a game.
  13. Josh Hart 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Are you also doing the same with the silly "choo choo [player] hypetrain" and simple "dropped, f outta here" type of posts? A lot of the discussions regarding adds/drops actually put perspective on players and relative worth. I think these add more value to the forums than a lot of other stuff.
  14. Javale McGee 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I think they will sign another big body soon. Unless Wagner comes back soon and blows them away.
  15. Waiver Wire Thread - Week 1 ending 10/21

    Shamet is interesting. Sixers badly need long range shooting and Redick is the only other real option. The way Ben has bern looking for Shamet on the break is an indication of him doing the same in practice.