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  1. Would have got paid anywhere he went but chose to stay where he can hide from the post season and build on his zero post season wins and one career post season hit.
  3. These are the pitchers that are available in my draft and I need starting pitching....Standard 5x5 cats...Do any stand out as the easy choice to get? Z. Wheeler C. Archer M. Tanaka Y. Darvish R. Ray D. Keuchel J. Urias
  4. My only concern is the longer this goes he might take a one year deal for alot of money to a contending team with a closer already in place like the Dodgers(Jansen), Yankees(Chapman), Mets(Diaz) where he would not be the closer. I don't think this will happen but possibility.
  5. LOL..For him to sign with that team again they better offer 10 years and 500 million.
  6. Lol at the phillies having to overpay and 13 years since he really did not want to go there. Just do a Bonilla deal next time
  7. Did not post him in the sleeper thread. Merged for some reason.
  8. SS that went 19 HR, 43 SB, and 103 runs is much more important to me than making an all star game voted on by fans. He did alot last year.
  9. Not paying for the extra SB talk but still nice to hear.
  10. Trout needs to go somewhere to build in his zero post season wins and one post season hit.