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  1. Any starting RB that gets the majority of the carries is worth a roster spot unless it is a 4 team league.
  2. Gordon now the 4th option for passes behind Brown, Edelman, White.
  3. The Raiders are cowards. I hope he explodes in their face even more now. They have shown that players can do whatever they want on this team now. He should have been fined and suspended a few games along with his apology.
  4. LOL at the A. Brown owners in this thread trying to defend him.
  5. Many times in the past they sit a guy out a quarter or a half for discipline.
  6. Suspend the loser for 4 games this time and the season next time.
  7. LOL...If he signs tomm he will start sunday.
  8. Same story past 6 weeks. People can keep buying the rumors.
  9. I read it saves them 2.7 million for the cap. Sign him after one game