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  1. 5 er's....Yet I am still starting him since my staff sucks.
  2. Funny people keep posting that a bench player is out.
  3. And a bat flipper better be fine with a pitcher doing cartwheels around the infield if he strikes him out.
  4. Hit Anderson in the face next time he is up and he won't be bat flipping ya also.
  5. I love Bellinger and have him in a keeper league but really need pitching so the guy I was thinking of trading for is Buehler. Both are very young. I tried this pre season and got rejected. But I bet you can get Buehler for him now if you needed pitching. I would keep Bellinger right now over Buehler if it is a redraft league though.
  6. I like Jeffress to close when healthy and them use Hader when needed most. Sometimes that will be to close in the 9th. If Jeffress stinks and with Knebel out I could see them go to Hader as the full time closer only using him in the 9th or 4 out type thing in the 8th/9th.
  7. Can't keep a guy that starts one day a week.
  8. It was after his 3rd year of service time.
  9. Pujols is the one I remember with the Cardinals.
  10. Yep. Since only 22 years old take the 100 million now then get the 400 million next contract
  11. Just talking about the time frame. When they both had many years left of getting small money
  12. He was going to make 560,000 this year. So nice jump in pay
  13. This is the same type of a deal Trout took. ATL gave this to Acuna sooner then the angels did for Trout too.
  14. After 4 years of service(Acuna has one), winning a MVP, Winning a world series.
  15. 5 years from now? He has one year of service time right now.
  16. Jeffress will be the guy once healthy if they don't sign Kimbrell.
  17. Next start he will go 7 IP, 1 ER, 11 ks, and get the win.
  18. Cain saves the game for Hader robbing a HR