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  1. 5 IP, 13 k's, zero er's, is not a quality start. 6 IP, 0 k's, 3 er's, is a quality start. Why quality starts as a stat suck.
  2. I showed you how many games Trout missed the past three years already. If you don't like taking risks and will pass on players then pass on Trout. I won't pass on Trout for him missing games. Next.
  3. Trout = 162 zero times. 134,140,114 the last 3 years. I hope you are passing on Trout also if that is the reason you don't like Turner.
  4. Any starting RB that gets the majority of the carries is worth a roster spot unless it is a 4 team league.
  5. Gordon now the 4th option for passes behind Brown, Edelman, White.
  6. The Raiders are cowards. I hope he explodes in their face even more now. They have shown that players can do whatever they want on this team now. He should have been fined and suspended a few games along with his apology.
  7. LOL at the A. Brown owners in this thread trying to defend him.
  8. Many times in the past they sit a guy out a quarter or a half for discipline.
  9. Suspend the loser for 4 games this time and the season next time.
  10. LOL...If he signs tomm he will start sunday.
  11. Same story past 6 weeks. People can keep buying the rumors.
  12. I read it saves them 2.7 million for the cap. Sign him after one game
  13. Pats could resign him to a much lesser deal if he wants to stay there.
  14. lol at soft kids nowadays. Hell yes you bench him for that.
  15. Go tell this same thing to the Josh Gordon people.
  16. [...] They would not need to cut him but keep money from him. Just like him holding out. Both need to full fill their contracts they agreed to.