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  1. Sounds like you already have it figured out ....... play the hot hand.
  2. I would go Gardner .... the Yankees offense is going to be stout. Rays play small ball and try to out pitch you.
  3. Julio faces double coverage on most every play and the offense coordinator position outside Shannahan has been dismal. Sarkisian could not manage his way out of a wet paper bag. Throw in the fact the offensive line is a ******** disgrace and you have Ryan on his a** more times than not. Ryan is better than he gets credit for all things considered. But until Atlanta fixes that O-lone ..... its going to be tough going for Ryan to have anytime to get Julio the ball. Add in Ridley who will get his ...... Sanu probably gets moved this off season in a salary move. Falcons have some issues ...... some good health, a new OC and a few tweaks to the O line could fix things for the better. Its also a make or break year for Quinn ..... they have actually brought in a coach to help him with in game time management. Just sharing as I follow the Falcons and not ashamed to admit it.
  4. Is Navraez avaiable ? .......... if not Chirinos - but don't get your hopes up. at one point last year I went without a catcher just because I felt like the options available stat wise were hurting me. Shortly after that I stashed Mejia before the word got out ..... maybe a prospect stash is an idea for you. Its early though for a deep stash like that though.
  5. I like Kemp of those options ..... he usually start well - its the finish that is the problem. No doubt you will have moved on by then with him.
  6. unfortunately it won't last ...... maybe acquire him and try to flip on someone not up to speed but you can't count on him to be serviceable fantasy option at this point - its just a matter of time
  7. This has actually been going on for a couple of days now ..........NA to active I switched some of my roster spots around after he went off NA then he went back to NA now he is off again.
  8. If he does I don't really think it is the league being soft as much as it is a repeating pattern for Smart. He damn near started a riot in Atlanta a few months ago
  9. He's been done fantasy wise except in the deepest of leagues for a couple of years now. There are better targets to throw darts at
  10. So to piggy back on this thread ............. Who would you rather stash Austin Riley or Verdugo ???
  11. another Jansen - rather easily I might add