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  1. Has anyone seen this guy play this year? Comments on how he looks at the plate
  2. Does this guy have value rest of season? Haven’t seen the M’s play this year
  3. Why do you think Soroka will take his spot?
  4. I don’t have a roster spot. Narvaez also looks great
  5. I currently have Danny Jansen, would you drop and replace for: 1) Omar Narvaez 2) Lucroy 3) Zunino WHIR
  6. How did he look last night? Velocity was up?
  7. Vogel-Suck? tell me what over the course of last year inspired you to think Montas is capable of a spectacular year? No other team other than the A’s took a flier on him
  8. Thoughts on improvement in 2019? Guy is still very young, consistent bat over past 2 years
  9. I give: Juju I get: Buck Allen and Marvin Jones non PPR, 12 team standard scoring need RB