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  1. Well the Eagles can pass-protect, as can the Cowbous but Dak can easily have a foot-in-mouth game. The Texans could get blitzed to death. Ditto KC. Not the greatest starts in those 4 but unless there was a clear alternative I wouldn't feel bad rolling with them.
  2. It'll either be amazingly good or beyond s---. Certainly not mediocre.
  3. That is an absolute rocks or diamonds play. Or he sits down at KC training everyday and watches. Or has a voodoo doll. Or practices black majik.
  4. Yeah I'm in a very deep PPR league where I start Ekeler and have the choice of Darrel Williams, Mostert, Burkhead, Darrell Henderson and Hilliman. f--- it man, bring on the hallucinogens and let's see him out-run some LB's on wheel routes.
  5. I am aiming to buy him in any/all leagues I'm in, given his late-season and playoff schedule: Week 11: v Steelers Week 12: v Dolphins Week 13: @ Steelers Week 14: v Bengals Week 15: @ Cardinals Week 16: v Ravens Steelers have a bit of a pass rush, but the rest are borderline anaemic. If the Browns are still anywhere near a sniff of playoff contention, this is the kind of guy I want powering my roster.
  6. I mean, I wanna have flashbacks of Kareem Hunt, but it would take Hunter S. Thompson levels of hallucinogens to bring about those thoughts.
  7. I wanna stay optimistic, but it's a bit hard. Clearly Kupp is the lead dog, then it's a motley crew of Woods/Cooks/Everett/Gurley for the remaining targets. Cooks will have the odd good week, it's just going to be hard to pick them.
  8. You gotta wait if you can and see how this situation shakes out, especially with Mahomes banged up. Snap counts will revolve around trust: who do you trust to protect your all-galaxy QB with a few new O-linemen entering the fray? If after this week his snap count is through the floor, fair enough. But there is tangible upside if you have another week to wait and see.
  9. Honestly cannot see Juju having a game like Fuller just did all season. I have shares in Fuller in a few leagues and if someone offered Juju straight-up I'd turn them down.
  10. Start a subscription service. Shut up and take my money.
  11. Jacksonville 2017 Chicago 2018 New England 2019 hope you got on the train early cauz it has no brakes.
  12. I have a deep PPR league that I picked him up in. If he keeps flirting with 6-7 targets/week he will be useful. Of course if Carson can't keep his hands on the ball...
  13. Absolutely agreed. Ravens play v Browns, @ Steelers, v Bengals, @ Seahawks, v Patriots and @ Bengals next six weeks. Only the Pats game looks like a tough matchup. I don't see the "sell high" here - more of a "out-performing ADP, ride this train all the way to the station".