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  1. Thanks for the replies. Yeah looking to trade away. I guess I'll hold on another game and hope his value goes up
  2. Just to get a gauge of Mike Evans value, around what RB would be a fair trade for him? L. Fournette? T. Gurley? M. Mack? K. Johnson?
  3. Need Waller to score 45 points in PPR? Will he do it?
  4. I send: Zeke Elliot Aaron Jones David Montgomery Jaguars Browns I receive: Le'veon Bell Todd Gurley Tony Pollard Ravens Cowboys Good trade for me?
  5. In an 8 team league should I drop the Jaguars for the Ravens and stream all year?
  6. I drafted the Jaguars in an 8 team league. Should I drop them and stream instead? Ravens, Bills, Browns, Cowboys, Steelers all available
  7. As others have said this looks like a solid team and agree that you should try to trade Cohen as I think Montgomery will get the job. Thanks for mine
  8. What are your thoughta on strategy for this league? 2QB 3RB 3WR 2TE K DST I'm thinking of targeting 2 of the top 4 TEs as there won't be many good options to choose from and probably few waiver pickups so could leave other teams struggling for TE. Also picking 2 QBs ranked 8-12 with a balanced RB and WR roster
  9. In my first season and knowing nothing about NFL I dropped my entire team in the first week in an 8 team league to try to win as an ultimate underdog. Was 7-1 halfway through the season then ended up scraping into the playoffs 9-5. Beat the number 1 seed by 60 points to make the championship only to lose by 1 point.
  10. Wilson and Baldwin to out score Kelce by 45 points
  11. Who to start? QB R. Wilson Or A. Luck WR D. Baldwin Or R. Anderson
  12. His team: M. Ryan E. Elliot D. Henry D. Hopkins M. Thomas A. Cooper T. Kelce J. Tucker Texans
  13. Who would you pick to start the final game? I think I need high ceiling players to win. QB *R. Wilson A. Luck RB *J. Mixon *D. Cook *T. Cohen M. Mack WR *D. Adams *D. Baldwin B. Cooks K *Fairbairn Butker DST *Bears Patriots I'm thinking of stacking Wilson with Baldwin against KC. Boom or Bust