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  1. Not considering starting, or even rostering, the #7 fantasy qb does not make you smart...
  2. Good thing RW retracted its Thursday night leveon blurb
  3. RW took down their leveon blurb. Maybe it's time for whoever was blurbing tonight to pass the sticks
  4. Apparently disobeyed the coaches by not taking a knee yesterday. I meannnnnnnnnnn he should be cut right? I feel like they almost have to cut him after that. If so, is that a boost to Williams? He might even become playable if he inherits the passing game role and still steals some carries from Jones
  5. Haha me too! I need 9 from him and I feel like that might as well be 90
  6. This just proves that you aren't actually watching him play....because this isn't remotely close to true. He has a propensity to overthrow his receivers, which he did at least 3 times yesterday, so focus on that if you want to bash him. But what you've said here is just not accurate. A lot of his rushing yards come from designed runs. He is not "just looking to run" and his reads have improved greatly. Romo (who everyone generally agrees is a great color man and knows a thing or 2 about playing QB) made a point of it a few times yesterday
  7. 9 points from gronk...and I feel like that 9 might as well be 90
  8. Certainly not bad enough to be considering joe Flacco at Carolina at least imo
  9. Live from chicago... weather not that bad
  10. Bs call...that was a fumble. His hand is clearing closing to grasp for the ball and tuck, not opening to throw. Not even close
  11. As a Bears fan that hangs on every play, this guy's assessment is bang on. The Bears are a 5-1 team that is currently 3-3 and could have had a chance to beat the Pats if not for 2 special teams TDs. The most important point here as well is that zero out of the three Bears losses are Trubisky's fault. They lost to the Packers because of Nagy and because Kyle Fuller can't catch. The D gave away the Miami game (5th most yards allowed in franchise history) and the Pats beat us on special teams. Trubisky's play is not costing the Bears games. He is also sailing wide open receivers at an alarming rate. But again, here is the most important point, he IS improving. Week 1 against GB, the narrative was that Mitch was accurate but had no pocket poise, panicked when he felt the rush, and couldn't make a read outside of the primary. Then against NE, it was "He makes good reads and shows poise in the pocket, but can't throw accurately" And, at the time they were said, neither were wrong. Taken together, we have a QB who has all the tools and just needs to bring it all together. And I think he will, it's just going to take some time. I think I posted it before, but I'll say it again. For one reason or another, people love bashing certain players and Trubisky is one of them, likely because the Bears traded up to get him (which was viewed as stupid) and because Mahomes is a prodigy. The most recent other example is Goff, who was a joke for the first two years of his career. The two situations are strikingly similar to me, and I think that once Mitch figures it all out, he will be an above average QB, and perhaps well above average, similar to Goff. Mahomes is better than Trubisky, I will admit the obvious. But that doesn't mean that Mitch is bad or that the Bears are dumb. Teams miss on picks all the time, including the immortal Belichick. But they don't have a whiff on their hands. Trubisky is clearly very talented, and has the tools to become very good. Given time, he will reach that potential. And in the meantime, he's already a QB1 for fantasy without any reason to think that it will change.
  12. think I'm going Jacksonville. Don't love it, but it's a brutal week and that Texans team is bad. Should have lost to the Bills last week, and the Jags are basically a rich man's version of the Bills