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  1. [...] Very respectable numbers when he came on in relief. The job is his for the rest of the year. Had a least some pedigree coming out of college. What's not to like here? Feel like he gives us 90% of what Ben would have which should easily make him a top 20 QB ROS and potentially top 15 as long as the Steelers don't fall out of contention. Unless I'm missing something?
  2. Dont love the outlook this week. Edelman is never a td guy, and NE wont need his yardage this week either. No ceiling at all this week imo. Been struggling with this all week, but I think I've finally decided on kupp over jules
  3. Where is this thread on the Evan's panic-meter? Like a 7? Godwin looks like the 1. Week 1, food poisoning, sure I guess. But unless he got some real, real bad oysters, he cant still be sick
  4. Scumbag, for sure. Seems like she's making it up though. Doubt this is anything. Maybe it breaks the tie and he sits this week. That's about it. I would love nothing more than to be wrong and this Dbags career is over
  5. Maybe my expectations are just sufficiently low? Idk, but he feels light years better than Witten to me
  6. Maybe a bit annoying, but I don't think booger has been that bad tbh. He has been somewhat insightful on the sai ts formations. Somewhat*
  7. Hahahaha two timeouts. Bill O'Brien pulling an AB trying to get fired by proving how incompetent he is?
  8. If you're gonna call TO, then challenge the spot. I think they might've won it
  9. Hard to argue that the addition of AB isn't at least a slight downgrade for Edelman. That said, I do believe it's just a small knock. He'll get you a safe 60-80 yards per week on 5-8 receptions with the small hope of a TD (probably gets like 4 all year). AB lowers his ceiling, but his floor remains as safe as anyone in the NFL when healthy. And that's valuable.
  10. Yeah I completely agree. Jason is really the only one I like actually. That said, it's been two years, two LOUD years, banging the drum for Kerryon and it's not looking so good. Man, imagine what the super team would've looked like Kerryon on it.
  11. Poor Jason Moore. Wonder what he's going to say, he can't be feelin' good. Honestly, week 1 couldn't have gone much worse for KJ's outlook imo. The Lions ran EIGHTY plays against a bottom barrel defense, and that was all KJ could muster. I know everyone expected CJ to have at least some role, but it was far larger than at least I was anticipating. And very little pass game usage. Preseason it was just 'if he can stay healthy, he'll be a stud." Now we still have the injury risk but with significant timeshare and team offense concerns on top. Low-end RB2 without much hope for things improving unfortunately.
  12. Although I'm somewhat hoping that Mike Davis gets the first carry of the game just to watch this thread absolutely meltdown. Pdog I'm lookin at you
  13. Jacksonville's best chance to win this game is to play the ball control/defense game, kill clock, and keep KC's electric offense off the field. What does this mean? BIG workload for Fournette and take the under
  14. Honestly not sure why the "experts" don't have Jameis ranked higher. I feel like it's because of the Fitz drama last year, which is completely gone this season. Seems to me that Jameis has one of the safest floors in the game, with great upside as well, unless you're in league with outsized penalties for turnovers (or -6 for TAINTs), I feel like you're not going to find someone safer. The one thing we know about this team is that they're going to throwing...a lot. I personally have him ranked as QB6 or maybe QB7 (my opinion on Mayfield changes frequently) with unrivaled draft day value.