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  1. I love Djax this year, but I have a feeling he is going to be a let down this week against the Falcons. Moat likely, Trufant will be covering Djax this week. Trufant is a hell of a lot faster than slow a** Norman. Hopefully I am wrong and he goes 7-150-2tds again.
  2. In a heart beat... if I am getting Conner
  3. I have a thing for qbs with a mustache, because I am asian and I can’t grow one myself. I thought Baker was the “one” but now I have come to a realization that Baker is an imposter, an anti-stache. Minshew is the true “Stache”.
  4. Ingram is the guy in Baltimore. Gus getting more carries in a blowout game doesnt bother me at all. Rbs tend to do better with a duel threat qb. Ingram will be a solid rb2 all year.
  5. I am firing him up against the Texans this week. My opponent has Hou Def. Our game will come down to this. Stache for 2019
  6. This guy. Starting him over Curtis Samuel and John Ross... maybe Redskins will be playing from behind and he may get at least one long td.
  7. Nah...they will just put the extra guy in the box to defend the run. They wont double team any wrs... just play the run or blitz.
  8. Winston's confidence is gone... But luckily they are gonna be throwing 35+ every game. So garbage time stats are available for Godwin. Also, once the confidence goes... so does long bombs. I would be more worried about Evans(2/3rd value) than Godwin(4/6rd) at this point. He is a hold for me as of now.
  9. Gradner Mustashew will be da truth! I am putting 60% bid in for him in my super flex league. And I will not regret it. “The best investments have been the ones I have overpaid for initially.”
  10. Why? And who would u try to target for him? You basically got him for free, so just ride him out and see what happens. He is an integral part of that offense and he will catch 4+ passes every week.
  11. Set it and forget it. You would be a fool to trade him after week 1. Its gonna be a long year, so no need to make drastic decisions after week 1. Chubbs will be fine.
  12. Dont worry about Lockett. “The Seahawks are going to reduce Lockett down to the bare essentials of 16 catches for 704 yards and 16 touchdowns on 16 targets”- Patrick Daugherty Those are Wr2 numbers
  13. “Chubbs will be fine... he will bounce back with 100 yds and 2 tds next week.” - optimistic Chubbs owner
  14. He looked good today. Although he wasnt involved in the passing game... I am not too worried. Coaching staff stuck with the run even though they were playing behind. 15-20 touches wvey week with a potential to break a long run every game. Solid low end rb 1 top end rb 2 all year