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  1. Why can’t pitchers dominate lineups they should? Ya I’m looking at you Yu. #Clown
  2. Changed to an unearned run! Wainwright rules!
  3. Only Wainwright can blow a QS after given a 12-0 lead. What a friggin’ clown.
  4. This guy is such a clown. I realize Story cost him the QS, but he had a couple chances after that to pick up his teammate and he failed miserably. So maddening owning this guy. I don’t even know if he cares when he’s on the mound because it certainly doesn’t look like it. Even if he gets out of COL he’s still a mediocre pitcher IMO.
  5. He’s playing again! I’m still prepping for a last minute switch from CC though.
  6. What a loser Kimbrel is. Just one...big...loser.
  7. What a great game! I fully expect CC to bench him tonight!
  8. So annoying he’s not in there against the lefty. Looking at his highlights, lefties didn’t seem to be an issue for him. Anyone have his splits?
  9. Why couldn’t he do this when I had him the first 6 weeks.
  10. Of course he can’t get any Marlins out at home but strolls into Milwaukee tonight and is throwing a gem....[...]
  11. If this guy didn’t give up any home runs he would be the best pitcher in the league.
  12. Derby curse off to a good start I see...
  13. I don’t know man, if he’s not getting lit up in the hits department he’s walking 5 guys. This was a gimme matchup and he failed miserably. I decided to not activate Smith because of the matchup and HE was the one to get the QS in this game. Such is fantasy baseball. 🙄
  14. Imagine owning Alzolay, Williams and Kimbrel.