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  1. Finally. Hopefully his usage going forward will reflect where they drafted him. Idiots.
  2. Screw all the “experts” that downgraded Robinson because of the matchup. He’s a beast.
  3. It was a ESPN+ fantasy alert didn’t see the article, probably just a speculation from Adam.
  4. Anyone else get that Teicher alert this morning at 9:30 am about McCoy getting increased workload with Mahomes out?
  5. I just want to some feedback from you guys that play in auction keeper leagues. When you make trades, do you trade auction bucks for next year’s draft and if so, do you put a cap on that? What rules do you put in place to prevent managers from overloading for next season? Thanks.
  6. I’m hoping they’ll let Josh ball out.
  7. The earliest you should be starting him is when they face CLE in Week 8 for obvious reasons. Until then he will not be needed to win games.
  8. Did he follow him around the field? They couldn’t get creative and move Allen around?
  9. If Rivers thinks they’re going to win games in the NFL checking down to Ekeler 15 times then he’s dumber than I thought. No excuse having a talent like Allen and not using him.
  10. The whole Bears team doesn’t want to be in London, I think it’s pretty obvious.