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  1. dorsett is only the 4th option this sunday. once AB's splooge magnet interviews with goodell next week, AB may be on the exempt list and dorsett jumps back into his #3 spot. i'd suggest dorsett is at least a "hold" for now. breida has gone through great lengths to expand his threshold for pain. as @DekuTree points out: breida goes down with a flesh woound, breida gets up and keeps fighting and fighting and fighting. difficult to trust anyone in an offense that is clearly tanking. even if gesicki puts up a good game at some point this year, the dolphins do not want to win. with gesicki's production so volatile, he's daily fantasy use only in my notebook. i'd way sooner snatch travis benjamin off the waiver (even with mike williams trending towards playing), or some of the recently dropped RBs like gus edwards, justice hill, darwin thompson, frank gore, mattison, penny, and apparently peyton barber (who appears to be a thing, unlikely as it seems).
  2. i think gore will be a value in round 5 next year
  3. he doesn't have to be so bad but trubisky excels at being bad, so we must give him credit for that. and credit the packers defense against a top 10 offensive line. all in all, until i see 3 solid games back-to-back-to-back, i know where i stand with trubisky:
  4. absolutely a "buy low" candidate. montgomery had two runs where he clearly out-talented both cohen and davis in showcasing his elusiveness. while the other two RBs had the touches, montgomery looked better against what is clearly a great defense . the 27-yard reception was an outstanding catch. the usage is clearly discouraging, but if anything that drives montgomery's price down. davis looked like the lead back, and cohen was lining up in the slot as a WR. montgomery will emerge as the #1 back here---i have no doubt---however it's looking like an RBBC so his touches will be limited to the 10-14 range unless someone gets hurt. zero targets. good advice for my 2-kicker league. 100% true but patience, boogie... it'll come
  5. if you cut him, i will pick him up (because i have zero shares right now). too early to tell, and clearly the game script worked against him (rodgers getting sacked five times, low scoring and barely a need to throw) davis also replaced adams when adams left with his supposed "limp" but agreed, two more weeks will tell all. jimmy saw 89 targets from rodgers last season --- i don't see him getting more. literally, we so nothing for this guy. but he shouldn't be on the waivers just yet. also notably, no jake kumerow, and instead we saw davis. but i see this game as atypical: the rodgers shootouts are coming, and the low scoring puntfest against the toughest D in football (five sacks, 9 tackles for a loss) will only happen one more time (though next time at home).
  6. left the field for one play. when he returned, he was blocking aggressively and showed no signs of slowing down. no official word on any injury/limp. could have even been something as small as needing to adjust his cleats (like someone gave him a flat tire). wouldn't worry: the chicago defense was awesome and aaron rodgers was sacked regularly. that said, danielle hunter may be all over rodgers next week, and adams will face "rhodes closed" for his routes. still, i expect more production to come.
  7. he was also a top 5 TE in seattle: #4 in 2017, #2 in 2016 jimmy graham was #6 in TE targets last season with 89 --- he has no business being on a league's waiver. now a second season with aaron rodgers, i'd suggest your FAAB spending depends on who you're starting at TE. if you have one of the top six, bid low, and if you went zero-TE and took a jaboni, spend high (20%). also, sternberger is on I.R., so really the receiving threat is minimal (even though mlewis saw more targets last night than geronimo freakin' allison).
  8. can't wait to see which uniform he wears next! he's actually a sensitive individual who puts his team first. you just lack empathy.
  9. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, there are "those around the league" who believe the Raiders could look to void the $30.125 million Antonio Brown is owed in guaranteed money.
  10. Diggs (undisclosed) wasn't in uniform during the portion of Wednesday's practice open to the media, Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The Vikings won't reveal the reason for Diggs' lack of work until they release their first injury report of the season Wednesday.
  11. i don't like jackson this week at all. no way. and i like jackson. seems to me a tanking miami team with no reason to win will not put up much of a fight. they offloaded kiko and really only have DBs of quality, nothing up front. seems like the ravens will run, run, run, and with their weapons and a positive game script, i don't see LJax running. even if fitz can avoid the pass rush, who will he throw to? even kenny stills is gone. if lamar throws the ball 10 times and doesn't run at all i wouldn't be surprised. ingram + the sophomore + the rookie all day long. i like rodgers this week because he's healthy, and his weapons are healthy (with the exception of jimmy graham's finger). i can see why @Chardo is benching kmurray this week: we have yet to see the real kyler murray stand up. but @bgar15, as much as i love rodgers it seems like even a interception machine jameis winston has to have more upside than just about anyone: the bucs have no defense, no RBs, and they're top heavy for passing. i like rodgers but i love winston this week.
  12. and gronk's in the best shape of his life!
  13. well, if you look at the first 100 pages of this thread---if you're feeling masochistic---yes, there are plenty of anyones insisting that it will be damien leading their fantasy teams into the championship. this. well said. i'd suggest that if one player is to emerge from what now seems to be a committee, it would be the strongest, the most durable, and that might very well be darwin thompson, though it might not happen until halloween. 10 gees, this guy had it nailed three weeks ago... lucky guess
  14. no way, and it's not even close. jackson for guice one-on-one, possibly. or give him kmurray but ask for another player. hope this helps.
  15. now that DT is out of the way, who has the week 1 prescience regarding the #1 outside / deep ball threat on the patriots? he has not been training regularly with the team, did not look great last preseason game, though did look like himself for one physical catch/move. it's coming... but will gordon emerge week 1? while i have no doubt that gordon will return excellent value based on his ADP, that he will erupt occasionally from his WR2 ranking to his WR1 upside, i'm skeptical his first game back with tommyboy and the sith. i'm pysched to see gordon in action, but i'm sitting him where i can in week 1 for a safer floor. anyone starting gordon against pittsburgh? [...[