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  1. -leaguesafe holds the money -14 team 1/2 PPR -leave email address -must respond to email, signup and pay ASAP
  2. draft time is not tonight, but you can vote on you preferred draft time and just to clarify, one of the 13 members will be getting a free ticket decided by who picks closest to a number
  3. There is now room for several more because people are not responding to email invites
  4. you guys are in....there is room for 1 more while supplies last
  5. -Likely hosted on Yahoo or other suggestions people have (but not ESPN) -All submissions must be in by Thursday afternoon including for week 1 (no exceptions) -Everybody must be paid prior to the first game of regular season (I will NOT hold open longer to boost # of entries) -Transactions in USD only -League safe will hold ALL the money (majority payout)- I will not be using my personal accounts in anyway except to pay my entry fee or receive prize $ if I win -Designated forum will be provided for questions/comments if not provided or provided well on host site -Separate Google docs sheet will be updated weekly to give easy view of surviving teams if not provided or provided well on host site -I will not constantly emailing members trying to get them to enter other leagues -Ties count as losses and you will be out -Single elimination -respond with your email address Questions?
  6. -Leaguesafe holds the money (I pay everybody's entry fee) -Winner take all ($20) -Hosted on ESPN -14 team league -Auction or Snake Draft (league vote will determine) -1/2 PPR -9 starters (includes Team Defense and Kicker) -7 or so bench players -Free agent auction budget -4 or 6 make playoffs (league vote will determine) -week 17 will not be used -1 division in entire league -Draft time in evening (exact date to be determined) -1 entry per person please -respond with your email