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  1. I'm screwed... He's my WR1 because of bye weeks. Come on Dougie, let's get a boom game.
  2. Well Miller, you were finally able to make me smile. Now, the question is, we should sell, right?
  3. Exactly. Throw in a TD vulture from Blue too.
  4. Just when I was getting excited this week too... Fournette, Cook, and Mack should just rent a car, drive to San Francisco, pick up Breida, and go have a spa day.
  5. Screw it, I'm playing him over Allison... Expect 6-9 points ladies and gentlemen.
  6. Anyone starting him with confidence this week? Trying to set my flex(I know Thursday game) and I'm having trouble pulling the trigger.
  7. I don't know how I'm supposed to trust this guy going forward. Feels like J.Howard last year... three monster games and a bunch of single digit games.
  8. Exactly this! I know Chubb is the shiny new toy, but have you looked at the next four games? They are going to be down even with the pretty good defense they have. I'm a Georgia fan and Chubb isn't some prolific pass catching back. This team has no receivers beyond Landry and Duke may be one of the best pass catching backs in the league. He comes in when they're down and he'll be used. I'm not saying he's the better back to own, but people are seriously underrating Duke's talent. The reason Haley used Bell like he did was because he was great in all aspects of the game. They are going to have to use Duke and I think they are confident enough in both backs to use them both.
  9. Man, my team is taking a serious hit this year. I thought Hyde was a pretty safe RB2, but if Fournette really does come back, stick a fork in me.
  10. God I hope this is wrong. Chubb had ok hands at Georgia, not sure I can see him playing a Bell roll.
  11. He may, but they need to use Duke as a wide receiver anyway. They don't have reliable pass catchers and Duke is one of the best pass catching backs. He'll be used quite a bit imho.
  12. Geez... I guess I was on to something with him being a good start this week. However, this was not what I was expecting. Starting him with confidence this week.