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  1. I need help at receiver... this is my roster: QB: Allen RB: Cook, Bell, Montgomery, Freeman, Mattison WR: Diggs, Moore, Kirk, Gordon, Fuller TE: Hock, Vance Would you trade Bell and Moore to receive Evans and Sony? I'm 0-2 in this league if it matters.
  2. I'm sorry, but I think you need to buy AB right now. If the owner is scared, you get a WR1 for nothing. There's barely anything that suggests he'll get suspended so far.
  3. I just hope they start using Lindsay as more of a change of pace/receiving back like Cohen. Even a shift to that would severely increase the value and production of Freeman.
  4. I want this kind of optimism... where do I buy it?
  5. I'm not looking to sell him, but pick him up. If he can keep this output going, he'd be my WR1 in one of my leagues. I'm dealing with Diggs, Gordon, Moore, Kirk & Fuller.
  6. Unfortunately, we can't talk about that in this thread, but with what I've read, I don't think anything comes of it.
  7. Is this guy legit or what? Two weeks with double digits and increasing targets... it's seeming more like a trend.
  8. I mean, I hate to say it, but with AB, the Pats having so many mouths to feed, and never knowing who's going to get the ball.. Is Gordon droppable?
  9. I feel that way about both my qbs. I have Goff and Allen and I feel like they're both being hyped up. Both seem like they have huge bust potential this week.
  10. So, he's definitely getting the targets, but Cam's arm is not right. Should we be looking to move this guy?
  11. You should show this to the team, maybe they can fly him to Switzerland and save some cash.
  12. In all seriousness, is there a possibility Gase is telling the truth and he could just have some soreness? Do players do precautionary MRIs a lot when they are just sore?
  13. That's actually super interesting to watch. He's definitely not a natural catcher.
  14. Not OP, but I decided to hold one more week over picking up Scary Terry, John Ross, or Hardman. The targets and talent are there, but the chemistry is not. I really don't like this offense though so it's definitely a drop after this week if there's not an uptick in production.
  15. Am I crazy for thinking he might actually be a top 10 fantasy qb this year? He runs and even when he turns the ball over he puts up decent points. I'm really tempted to pick him up and start him over qbs like Wilson, Goff, Big Ben, and Ryan.
  16. What kind of FAAB are we putting on [Hockenson]?
  17. I mean Nagy has to realize this when they look at the tape right? I'm trying not to overreact because it's week one, but Nagy does seem like an idiot running the ball only 12 times when only down a score. Last year, I thought Howard just didn't fit what Nagy was trying to do, but now it just looks like he doesn't know what he's trying to do. I'm wondering if it's too early to move on from this.
  18. I'm screwed... He's my WR1 because of bye weeks. Come on Dougie, let's get a boom game.
  19. Well Miller, you were finally able to make me smile. Now, the question is, we should sell, right?
  20. Exactly. Throw in a TD vulture from Blue too.
  21. Just when I was getting excited this week too... Fournette, Cook, and Mack should just rent a car, drive to San Francisco, pick up Breida, and go have a spa day.
  22. Screw it, I'm playing him over Allison... Expect 6-9 points ladies and gentlemen.
  23. Anyone starting him with confidence this week? Trying to set my flex(I know Thursday game) and I'm having trouble pulling the trigger.