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  1. Wilson has never been able to support multiple fantasy receivers and that doesn't look to change. He can barely get the ball to DK Metcalf. He's locks in on Lockett.
  2. Wut? He could be gold on the Niners. JimmyG to AJG literally all day long. They have no one but Kittle to catch passes. I'd rather have him there than Seattle for sure.
  3. I hate starting Thursday night players. I just know Sutton is going to bust.
  4. Lol, no. Not as long as Goff is throwing the ball behind that horrible o-line. He wasn't even an WR2 last week when Cooks left the game. Woods had zero receptions today, ZERO. Let that sink in. He also has not scored a receiving TD this season and it's week 6. He's only gone over 50 receiving yards twice and one of those games was a fluke where Goff had to throw 400 times.
  5. Droppable in 12 team leagues or less. Rams are terrible, Goff is terrible. Only receiver worth starting is Kupp.
  6. The main issue is the gameplan here. Stafford might struggle vs that secondary and Patricia will probably feed Kerryon all day since the Packers cant stop anyone on the ground.
  7. He doesn't do anything but run into the o-line. He has no actual cut skills.
  8. He is and it's not even close. Watching him run the football is excruciating. He's flat out terrible.
  9. Sony on the bench for Bolden LOL. Never, EVER draft Patriots running backs EVER.
  10. Tough matchup this week, could put up a dud.