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  1. Can any Red Sox fans shed some light on closing duties? What's the % chance between barnes and brasier? 60/40?
  2. I drafted Turner and kept Villar, hoping to take SB every week. Took Turner over Bryce @ 7, hope I don't regret that. 105/16/75/55/.280 works for me.
  3. Would ya'll go as far as taking Harper 7th overall?
  4. Lucky for everyone else, there's a 162 game season to play
  5. Red Sox and Houston are both +600, what's your point here?
  6. I mean read my original post again. All I stated was that Yanks got Ottavino. Then I stated how 7-1 odds for them to win the WS is pretty good odds to put some cash on. In no way did I state Yanks are now WS faves because of Ottavino. I just believe the combo of a shutdown pen, above avg SP and loaded lineup is lethal. Their starters really only have to go 5 IP. There's no debate really.
  7. The bullpen consists of Ottavino, Betances, Chad, Britton, Chapman. Boost on SP with Paxton and Happ for a full season. Stacked lineup.
  8. Are you sure you want me to put your entire savings account on the yankees? Idk how long it's gonna take you to get that $100 back.
  9. Ottavino to Yanks 3/27 Yanks to win WS +700...about to throw some money that way.
  10. Rumor is Marwin Gonzalez to Braves on 3/56...Heyman & Braves denying it though
  11. Alonso is not getting moved. Idk wtf they are doing with McNeil though
  12. I think Dozier is a very solid pickup for the Nats.