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  1. Lucchesi just ruined my night. But Cole and Alcantara pitched well for me. Can Will Smith return tonight? I have 4 closers and 0 saves
  2. Mets are hot and I hate starting a pitcher @ COL. He has Scherz against Soroka so only 1 possible win, hopefully it's a high scoring game. and TB offense is terrible so Heaney will probably pitch a gem 😞
  3. I have Kersh @ Mets Cole @ KC Lucchesi @ COL Alcantara @ SF and my opponent has Scherz, Soroka, Wainwright, and Heaney. Matchup decided today folks.
  4. 1. NE @ MIA NE -19.02. KC @ OAK KC -8.0 Both of those violate the 2 rules: Divisional game + Road team. Feel like NE is the lock but crazy things happen in the NFL. You gotta get by the first 10 weeks before you even decide on getting cute with picks. If you go by the biggest home fav strategy, that'd be Baltimore this week.
  5. Someone else blew the save last night and obv Smith wasn't available again. What's going on?
  6. He's pitching against the Mets this weekend. Fire him up
  7. Up 26 with Lutz vs Jacobs and Houston K (I'm confident) Down 18 with Brees and Fuller vs Emmanuel Sanders (not confident)
  8. Maybe he turns into an RB3. Wouldn't count on it either.
  9. Skipped start against Baltimore kinda sucks, will he pitch at all next week? Against the Mets sounds juicy as well.
  10. Monty was wide open over the middle every play and Trubisky didnt even look at him once. Nagy ruined Jordan Howard and I'm sure he'll ruin David Montgomery
  11. No matter what happens week 1, don't forget Kareem Hunt only had 4.9 points week 1 last year.
  12. Took him in 4th round last night. Carson got swooped pick in front of me. I'll have to deal with him and hope he's the guy that performed in the playoffs last year