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  1. $50 buy-in: 20 team BATTLE ROYALE, last man standing wins $1,000. Yahoo Private Cash League: 20 Team - $1K Winner Draft Sunday, 9/2 (scheduled). Status: OPEN - 10 of 20 teams and growing every day. The scoring is an exciting and realistic all-inclusive "points per" format and is well balanced across all roster positions. All starting roster positions matter and can impact week to week scoring. The roster set up makes it easier for 20 teams to have a variety of options/strategies, whether in the draft or on a week to week basis. Roster: | QB | WR | RB | TE | 3FLEX | K | D | 2IDP | 5 BENCH | IR Best Payout out on Yahoo! 20:1 Hope some of you guys are interested in joining my league as well. I think it would be a fun and different way of experiencing fantasy football and amazing for the champion! It's probably not for the faintest of hearts but if you love football and have $50 to spend on a fantasy football league, try out this league!
  2. $50 league on Yahoo - Drafting at 5pm. First 3 that pay are in.
  3. $50 - 20 Team - $1K to Winner - Yahoo. Draft scheduled for 5pm today EST. 17 of 20 filled.
  4. League is filling, need 4 more. If you're looking for something different and a change of pace from the rest of the leagues on here, check this one out:
  5. @KoreyloseyI need 4 owners for a $50 20 team league on Yahoo. Snake draft at 5pm. First place: $1,000.
  6. This forum only supports PPR leagues. Nothing outside the box generates any interest. It's a real shame. Here is a Private Cash League on Yahoo for those that actually know football and are looking for a change of pace league.
  7. 20 Team - $50 Buy In - Yahoo - Draft tonight 5PM. 15/20 paid and joined. $1K to First. Get in while you can!
  8. I'm searching. This forum seems to support only one style PPR and PPR is trash!!
  9. $50 Yahoo Drafting at 5pm EST. Payment deadline is 2pm. 20 team, $1K to First. QB WR RB TE 3FLEX K DEF 2IDP 5 BENCH 1IR