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  1. You would rather believe that people disagree with you because this whole board is out to get you, than that your arguments are just flawed and weak. Sad. You won't get any better with an attitude like that.
  2. Maybe other people are making intelligent points and your analysis is fundamentally flawed, and who is making said points doesn't actually matter because this is the internet and most people don't get upset by it.
  3. Bad comp as someone already pointed out. Less TD upside than when he scored 5 TDs last year and 4 the year before? Nah. And he's getting more yards per game (on the season, with AJ out, whatever) than Tate did. Tate was a WR2 both years in standard, presumably in PPR too. As someone else said you clearly just have some agenda against Boyd and can lock him in as a WR2 Rest of Season.
  4. You just said that most of those players with checkered pasts would be murderers if they weren't playing football. I don't care if you're a self-loathing African-American or not, what you said is offensive stereotyping and you don't get a pass on it simply because you're black. Now would you shut up and stop making a fool of yourself before you get this thread locked?
  5. Seems weird that you feel the need to change your argument in order to be correct. You implied that Green got his numbers no matter what. What numbers? He gets 65 yards per game no matter what? News flash: he doesn't. Bengals will look better next week, it's not hard, and Boyd did fine anyway.
  6. Correct, although I think Ingram is about as consistent as your average Top 24 back too.
  7. I am, you must be blind. He got half his yards on his first 3 carries.
  8. This was, is, and will always be terrible advice. You play your best players. You could trade Ridley away and have him be the most productive Atlanta receiver, and then you'd feel like an idiot for the rest of the season, as you should. Or they could both continue to be productive all year, and you'd feel like an idiot for the rest of the season, as you should. 2 pass-catchers on the same team can be effective in fantasy. It has happened countless times. And the more times you try to push this terrible advice the more times I'll point out that it is terrible advice.
  9. Hopefully you will drop your faulty logic and start being content with playing your best players
  10. You were wrong. I started Blue as a volume-based DFS punt and he paid off handsomely. He looked awful and got about half of his yardage on plays where Dallas looked completely lost. As someone that was in the GameDay thread the entire game and didn't see you pop in there once, it's pretty obvious I was actually watching him play, as I have for years when he's looked terrible in just about every game he's ever played in (hilariously, this was probably one of the better ones). Did you watch him?
  11. He looked fine when he was out there, this is nonsense. He just wasn't incorporated into the offense today for whatever reason. He's not startable in fantasy until he has an actual good fantasy day.
  12. What the hell is Collinsworth even trying to articulate?