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  1. Except he was 10th in the NFL in receiving yards for TEs before his concussion and had TDs in 2 of 3.5 games. The pessimism for Hock in here is interesting. Nothing has changed here. Hock is elite potential level with a zero-level floor because he’s a rookie and Patricia seems to love for him to block in some games. He is easily rosterable and easily playable in good matchups.
  2. That is horrific defensive playcalling on the first play of the game. Two blocks created a 5 yard hole and a one on one with a safety lmao
  3. Huh? He plays NE, LAR, SEA, San Fran, Buffalo, HOU, and NYJ. Not sure if you’re trolling or not but that is a difficult string of defenses.
  4. Yep. This board gets all worked up over game lines and assuming the game is going to flow with the vegas line exactly. There’s now a precedent for slowing down the Chiefs which in all honesty isn’t rocket science. Keep good offense off field = good, let good offense carve you up all game = bad.
  5. 27/137/1 in a negative game script. 🤡
  6. Just a heads up that the receiving stats also disagree with you. TBH I’m not really sure how you can look at those red zone stats and honestly still call him “not great” at it. Those #s are elite.
  7. That’s what we’ve been saying here the entire time. His usage is most likely as the red zone back plus a lot of passing game work. Those touches are extremely valuable in fantasy. It’s exactly WHY I drafted him. Even if I don’t expect top rushing numbers I expect RB2 fantasy numbers at worst. Also replace “Atlanta” with “Shanahan” and you can see why we are optimistic about TC in San Fran.
  8. Sorry to pile on but he’s also 6’1, what world is that “not terribly big?” That’s one of the biggest (relevant) RBs in the league.
  9. There’s also nothing to suggest he would get Carson-level workloads if Carson went down. In 2018 Carson missed 2 games and Penny had 9 & 7 touches in those games.
  10. I’m not sure where this idea keeps coming from. Coleman’s Touch per TD is extremely low and when he was with Shanahan last in 2016 he scored every 13 touches which is absolutely insane. In 2016 he scored: - 8 of his 11 TDs in the Red Zone - 7 of his 11 TDs from within 7 yards His 2016 red zone efficiency (within the 10): - 15 touches, 7 TDs 2017 those numbers were 8 for 8, 5 of 8, and 13 touches for 5 TDs. 2018 those numbers were 5 for 9, 4 of 9, and 14 touches for 5 TDs.
  11. Yes....that’s what I said lol.
  12. Well he was asking Wilkins vs Mack, so a little more game script dependent, but even with Mack it sounded like Pagano kept Hines in when they were down 2 scores to TEN even when Mack was apparently healthy.