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  1. I’ve been commenting in this thread since Dixon returned to practice that the chance he becomes an RB2 this season are basically zero. But yeah, “hindsight.”
  2. People in here were really hyping up Dixon as a high RB2 in here 😂.
  3. “His backfield” implies he’ll get starter’s touches and snaps. There’s nothing to imply this has anything besides RBBC to it. Gus’s fantasy relevance for those three weeks were probably the last we’ll see from any Ravens RB.
  4. You can’t be a bellcow if you’re not healthy. Sort of part of the definition.
  5. Tha “pure north-south” style has netted him 77 for 382 (4.95 YPC). Dixon has been good in a COP role but at least be realistic. This is a timeshare favoring Gus at best from Dixon’s perspective.
  6. Seeing “a player is undrafted means everything” is enough to know someone’s argument is going to be weak. Feel free to not read the levels of analysis I have in this thread - good luck with Dixon. I offered my objective analysis (with Dixon and Edwards on my FF team) yet you and the others with Dixon are going to pump him up to a ridiculous level. Seriously - going to use the fact that one RB was undrafted and producing at legit NFL levels when one is a 4th rd, 50% injured, 50% suspended, to use draft positions as an argument? Use adult-level analysis.
  7. Hahaha I’m sorry but this ridiculous. Where they were drafted is 100% irrelevant, considering Collins was their starter for over a year, and Gus got 2 starts of averaging 20+ carries the last two weeks. Dixon does not fit the mold of the current offense for BAL like Gus does, and Gus is pound for pound a stronger and more downhill runner than Dixon is. Ya’ll are ridiculous. Dixon has played <50% of his career games with a career 4.5 YPT yet are ready to crown him a top 20 RB. Wake up.
  8. I guess 20 carries per game is an RBBC. Didn’t realize - going to drop for Malcolm Brown now.
  9. Edwards is a better fit for their offense right now and a much better downhill, breaking tackle guy. Including on the goal line. The fact that Edwards was undrafted is 100% irrelevant, and only used to strengthen internet arguments. It does not factor into who is going to play in weeks 13-16.
  10. I hope so that shiny new toy is sitting on ma bench now
  11. He has a 4.5 YPT in his career and has no top speed. How was the hype gotten this out of control?
  12. Sorry, he played 3/4 of one game 12 weeks ago. Good point man!
  13. He is also coming off a knee injury, has 2 weeks of practice in him, hasn’t played since 2017, and the Ravens have a fresh RB who fits their Lamar-led offense perfectly. I now have Gus and Dixon, and until furthur notice this is absolutely still Gus’s job. He fits their role perfectly. The opposite middle LB has to key on Lamar on option type runs, leaving Gus 1-on-1 with the outside linebacker who’s typically a smaller LB. Gus has the strength/downhill ability to fit this offense perfectly. You guys are also ignoring that TyMo and Buck are capable 3rd down backs and have huge head starts on Dixon as pass catchers in the offense. Dixon is their RB of the future. Only of these 5 still on contract next year. I wouldn’t get too excited about him this year. I agree, he’s the best all around back. But he’s a worse between the tackles runner/bruiser/GL back than Gus. Dixon would be better suited with Flacco (which is potentially an option this year still).
  14. Good call boys, just picked him up as insurance to Gus. Still can’t depend on a RB coming off a medium-severity knee injury in mid-season but the backfield just got more interesting. I’d say the likelihood he becomes start-worthy in the playoffs fully depends on a Gus injury (Gus will still get most early down work, short yardage work, and GL work), but he’s a solid speculative add. Didn’t expect a Collins IR stint. Probably speaks to Harbaugh’s view of him more than anything. He was awful this year.
  15. Fair enough, was referring to a healthy Chris Thompson. I have no idea if he’s healthier than the average NFL player right now. My guess is no.