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  1. Which side would you rather have: Luis Severino Derrius Guice Morgan Frost Phillipe Myers Adam Morgan
  2. Hey I would be interested! Shoot me an email @lyndfantasy
  3. Here are the settings: I would like to do keepers but it depends what the league consensus is. If you are interest, leave your email below or message me at
  4. here are the settings! We need 1 more owner and we plan on doing keepers!
  5. All 9 spots are open! I would like to do keepers for this league as well!
  6. This is a league inspired by a different league that I am in on CBS. Scores on rosters won't be modified from what they are listed now. Im willing to add more teams once we get to 10 teams depending on how long it takes to fill. If you are interested, leave your email here or email me at This is the league:
  7. is the settings right now. Thats the link to the forum post
  8. Heres a post to my league that I created today. is the settings. We will have keepers but havent decided the number yet.