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  1. Dynasty head to head roto. What SP would you want to keep going forward? Forever keeper at no cost/draft slot. Bauer, Tailon, Flaherty, Paxton, Marquez. Thanks...WHIR
  2. I forgot to add 12 team league and everyone must keep at minimum 1 pitcher so typically top 12 or so SP are off the board come draft time.
  3. Need 5 bats and 1 arm in 7x7 (OBP, TB & QS, Holds) head to head Dynasty. No limit on how long you can keep and they are NOT draft slotted. I have them listed in the order I currently have them ranked...Love to hear everyone else's thoguhts. Thanks Bats: Machado, Correa, Freeman, Soto, Vlad, Jr, Albies, Springer Arms: Carrasco, Flaherty, McCullers, Folty
  4. Flaherty or Buehler. Rodon is hot but trust other two more
  5. Like Soto but keep Altuve. Proven and still young
  6. Who would u drop him for? Keep him unless shallow league.