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  1. Yep, and then the retard celebrated afterwards. Oblivious that he forfeited 35 yards for a personal stat.
  2. Brady always has several rushing TDs every season. He's actually very effective at the QB sneak.
  3. Where's the Brady haters now? You guys are clowns, lol.
  4. Reid is a great offensive coach, but he's not great at half-time adjustments. He stuck with what was failing in the first half.
  5. How sad. Carson deserved a W for this game. Edit* - nevermind
  6. Just think of it as if he was never intended to have that 0.8pt and the football Gods course corrected. Homeostasis and order has been restored in the World of Football. 😬
  7. Seattle - 'Feelin cute, might give Rams a chance to beat us later.'
  8. Carson bout gave me a heart attack there 😄
  9. Fumbles? What fumbles? Carson looks awesome.
  10. Kids are more susceptible to brain injuries and their hearts can be stopped easier from hits.
  11. Ravens and Hawks coaches need to take a basic math class before next week's games....
  12. Good luck getting value from Carson right now.