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  1. Pick up trequon smith

    Yea, u actually had smith as my #3 pick in waivers last night behind Barber and Martin. Barber went before me so I ended up with Martin and no one picked up smith. Our free for all starts at 6 so I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
  2. With the news on Ginn going to IR, I'm going to try to beat everyone to smith tonight. Should I drop doug Martin whom I picked up last night for him with the Lynch injury? Thanks!
  3. Trade for Fournette?

    I'd definitely like to try and hang on to Conner. It would be ideal to get one more week out of him then have Fournette show up a couple weeks later. Kamara,Bell, and Fournette in the playoffs would not be bad. Thanks. BTW, got yours answered.
  4. Derrick Henry or Chris ivory??

    Tough call. Tennessee is so up and down, but even when they're playing decent, Henry isn't. I'd probably say Ivory I guess. Even if McCoy doesn't get traded, wouldn't surprise me if he ends up banged up sometime being the only real weapon on that team. Thanks for getting mine.
  5. Give DJ for Mixon? WHIR

    Mixon. DJ is likely the better talent but the Cards cant seem to get it figured out.
  6. Did I Give Up Too Much For Gurley??

    You definitely won that one.
  7. Hey guys. I'm currently sitting at 4-1 in my standard scoring league with these rb,wr,te: Kamara, Bell, Conner, Miller, Carson, A. Jones, Morris, Foreman Theilen, Sanders, John Brown, Allison, Gabriel Graham, Hurst The fournette owner is 3-2 and is panicking about his backs. He also has Freeman, Murray, Coleman, and Ito. He's looking for offers. Should I consider offering Conner and maybe Miller or Morris for Fournette? Could I stay afloat with what I have and hope LF comes back healthy week 10 for the playoffs? Any other trades you'd offer? He also has Gronk who has been down so far. Considered Conner for Gronk straight up. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Conner & Carson for Hunt

    As a Conner and Carson owner, I would strongly consider that offer. Assuming you have a good wr option for a flex until, hopefully, Fournette gets back.
  9. Trade Conner for JuJu?

    I agree and hopefully for me that's the case. I just hope the guy I'm trying to trade disagrees.
  10. Trade Conner for JuJu?

    I noticed that too. Probably go Carson and Aaron Jones. Flex either John Brown or maybe Miller I guess. I'm currently the #1 team at 4-1 so hopefully a loss this week wont hurt too bad.
  11. Trade Conner for JuJu?

    Yea. That seems to be the popular debate. Whether Conner will head back to the bench or they will go with more of a committee approach. As a Bell/Conner owner, I'm certainly wanting Bell to go back to being Bell and maybe hold Conner as a cuff. I made the offer. Hopefully he is on the side that says Conner will still get plenty of work.
  12. Hey guys. I'm considering offering the juju owner a trade. He is hurting pretty bad at rb and I feel my receivers are weak. What are your thoughts on offering Conner and Alf for Juju? Here are my rb/wrs: Kamara, Bell, Conner, Miller, Jones, Carson, Alf, Foreman Theilen, Sanders, John Brown, Allison, Taywon Taylor I'm a little hesitant on dealing Conner. I'm worried about the whole Bell/Conner issue. Trade, timeshare, injury, etc... Thanks!
  13. trade for Tyreek?

    Yea. I turned that one down. I tried to swap out Sanders for theilen and he wouldn't go for it. I'll see what he comes back with. Thanks for the reassurance!
  14. As a Miller owner, I picked up Foreman last week. I'm thinking Miller is on his way out as well.
  15. Should I trade my Theilen and Aaron Jones for Chris Thompson and Hill? Standard scoring. Thanks!