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  1. Mariota and Humphries should be a perfect match in the short area. I think he’ll get more targets now that his snap count is where it should be.
  2. Are we believers in Jameis Winston? About to drop Cam and have him as my lone starter
  3. Liking him in deep leagues now that Njoku is out
  4. Yup, everyone is overlooking that Ingram excels at pass protection while both Edwards and Hill are below average. Ingram will be a true 3 down workhorse with spells of Edwards. Hill will assume the Damien Harris rookie role where he'll be the strict backup incase Ingram gets hurt.
  5. Just look to Desean's 2018 weeks 1-4 with Fitzpatrick at the helm. He just needs someone who's not scared to give him a chance with the deep ball and Wentz is exactly that. I think he'll be a solid WR2 for the season.
  6. Nurk owners.. we picking up Kanter?
  7. Most likely just scaling back his minutes since he’s a rookie playing heavy minutes. Back to 39 tonight!
  8. He's only playing heavy minutes because Wiggins has been out, but Okogie has been nothing special. I'd say he's a must pick up if he starts over Okogie.
  9. Ibaka just choked and tried to throw a haymaker at Chriss. He's a repeat offender too, he's been suspended 3 times in the past 2 years for throwing a punch. Wouldn't be surprised if he's out the rest of the regular season.
  10. If your playoffs start week 23, his playoff schedule is the worst among all teams. 3-3-3.
  11. Favors not getting the love he deserves. Been a top 40 player in the past month.
  12. Just got him for Rudy Gay. Bone bruises look tricky. I know the injury is to his quad, but Bagley was out 11 games earlier this season with the injury to his knee. RoCo has been out indefinitely for awhile. Hopefully he’ll be back closer to Bagley’s timetable.
  13. As a Ibaka owner, I'd still rather own Gasol. Trying to trade for him 1 for 1.
  14. Derozan is on record saying he’s glad White will be back after the ASB. They need him for this playoff push. I’d say the time to pick him up is now. Really surprising so many teams dropped.
  15. Millsap has proved to be plenty useful playing alongside Jokic. Plumlee is a great passer, so is Jokic, they’ll want Plumlee playing the Jokic role on the 2nd unit.
  16. Gasol doesn't look to be affecting Siakim's minutes as expected, but once he settles in I think it will be a fairly even 24/24 split with Ibaka. Who do we like better ROS?
  17. I'm being offered Capela for my JJJ. I'm currently in 1st place. I'm worried about the lack of steals and FT%, but Capela has a more consistent role.
  18. Don’t own him, but watching the Spurs vs Suns and man... its a blowout and White is struggling with his shot, but Pop keeps taking him out after a couple bad possessions. You know what you have in Forbes and Mills. Let White play the whole 4th and go through the growing pains.
  19. Looking great out there. Also, Josh Jackson is bad at basketball.
  20. Luka is one of those players that’s better IRL than fantasy. Similar to Donovan Mitchell. Khris is a lot better for fantasy.
  21. I wouldn’t say 99%. Adams can’t touch JJJ’s stocks potential on any given night.