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  1. This would be the only week in consideration since it’s in Foxboro. I see a potential shootout or a similar game to the one he had vs NO. Gonna be a tough decision.
  2. Anyone sitting him this week? Average over/under with potential to rain. I’m leaning Foles.
  3. Steelers better be sending someone for Kaepernick’s workout!
  4. I’m rolling with him in my 16 man league where the WR market is barren. Wentz alluded to their strong connection and his knowledge of the playbook in a interview yesterday and he should see immediate slot snaps. Small revenge narrative against the Patriots who cut him last summer as well.
  5. Life of a PG, Ayton, Steph, and now Hayward owner.. at least I traded away PG and Steph
  6. Brandon Allen had Hunter Henry at Arkansas and young QBs love TEs as the security blanket. Fant played over 80% last week. Gonna roll with him because I have 0J and hope for the best.
  7. He’ll be fine. Look at Mitchell playing more off ball with Conley on the team. Mitchell is more efficient and has better steals thus far. Same should be expected of Jrue.
  8. Harden has his role and more. It’s probably more of what Steph could do in Harden’s role tbh, Kerr alluded to that in a recent interview -but said they don’t have the personnel for it
  9. It’s tough to gauge because Conley is struggling heavy right now, but we know he’ll be the 2nd option in this offense.
  10. Barton definitely won’t give you fg% lol, but his out of position rebounds and stocks are good. Without knowing your team, I’d easily make the switch.
  11. Idk classic trap game here and Carolina defense is also legit. Starting him since he’s always involved every game either rushing or receiving.
  12. This year might be different with a facilitator like Lebron giving him open looks unlike anyone else he’s had before. You already know he’s good for those stocks.
  13. Traded Booker straight up for him. They’re just figuring out how to play with each other and Jrue adjusts to more off ball. More energy for those defensive stats!
  14. He’s been great catching passes this year, yet they give him such low volume targets
  15. He won’t just fall to you, he’ll fall past you lol
  16. Honestly don’t know why Bazemore isn’t entrenched as the starter. He’s a perfect fit at SF for his defense. And Hood is perfect for the 2nd unit as a spark plug with Simons. You guys already know he’s Lord Covington-lite with his stocks, some 3s, and poor FG%. I’m picking him up with a good possibility that he starts and plays about 28 mpg. Rotoworld made a baseless report that Baze fell behind Hood, but there’s no report out there of such.
  17. Got him at 23 and idk if this is the greatest hint, but he currently has the 7th best odds of being MVP. Hopefully some insider info has him closer to 10 games.
  18. Mariota and Humphries should be a perfect match in the short area. I think he’ll get more targets now that his snap count is where it should be.
  19. Are we believers in Jameis Winston? About to drop Cam and have him as my lone starter
  20. Liking him in deep leagues now that Njoku is out
  21. Yup, everyone is overlooking that Ingram excels at pass protection while both Edwards and Hill are below average. Ingram will be a true 3 down workhorse with spells of Edwards. Hill will assume the Damien Harris rookie role where he'll be the strict backup incase Ingram gets hurt.
  22. Just look to Desean's 2018 weeks 1-4 with Fitzpatrick at the helm. He just needs someone who's not scared to give him a chance with the deep ball and Wentz is exactly that. I think he'll be a solid WR2 for the season.
  23. Nurk owners.. we picking up Kanter?
  24. Most likely just scaling back his minutes since he’s a rookie playing heavy minutes. Back to 39 tonight!