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  1. I’m rolling with him in my 16 man league where the WR market is barren. Wentz alluded to their strong connection and his knowledge of the playbook in a interview yesterday and he should see immediate slot snaps.


    Small revenge narrative against the Patriots who cut him last summer as well.

  2. 12 minutes ago, blob2004 said:

    To be honest I felt Curry was a step slow this year. He's always passing up shots and not as energetic. Curry is not even getting doubled most of the time. 

    I know playing with a bunch of D-leaguers don't help but he really needs to be dominating and commanding touches to deserve the all-star status he has. Probably why he has never won a finals MVP.

    Imagine what Harden could put up in his role. 

    Harden has his role and more. It’s probably more of what Steph could do in Harden’s role tbh, Kerr alluded to that in a recent interview -but said they don’t have the personnel for it

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  3. 2 hours ago, roclaren said:

    Would anybody here swap millsap out for barton? My team currently lacking in rebounds and field goal %. Paul milsap has been on the decline though he remains fairly efficient, his other categories have been inconsistent. 

    Barton definitely won’t give you fg% lol, but his out of position rebounds and stocks are good. Without knowing your team, I’d easily make the switch.

  4. 6 hours ago, PUNTSQUAD said:

    I was pretty high on him from a cursory review of stats but since looking into his particular situation I have concerns about his health and role. Probably will not draft unless he falls to me in like the 12th round

    He won’t just fall to you, he’ll fall past you lol

  5. Honestly don’t know why Bazemore isn’t entrenched as the starter. He’s a perfect fit at SF for his defense. And Hood is perfect for the 2nd unit as a spark plug with Simons.


    You guys already know he’s Lord Covington-lite with his stocks, some 3s, and poor FG%. I’m picking him up with a good possibility that he starts and plays about 28 mpg.


    Rotoworld made a baseless report that Baze fell behind Hood, but there’s no report out there of such.

  6. 4 hours ago, Brye said:

    Definitely dont disagree , I honestly believe Ingram is capable of getting 50-65ish receptions this year , if I didn’t think he was capable of that he wouldn’t be on my team, Kamara really took a lot of receptions from him these last 2 years, justice hill still has a lot to learn and he’s a liability picking up the blitz / pass rush on 3rd down, Ingram is going to be the Fred Jackson from years past , will be fun to watch this year


    Yup, everyone is overlooking that Ingram excels at pass protection while both Edwards and Hill are below average. Ingram will be a true 3 down workhorse with spells of Edwards. Hill will assume the Damien Harris rookie role where he'll be the strict backup incase Ingram gets hurt.

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  7. 59 minutes ago, PeteM said:

    So uhhh, thoughts on this cat?  Wolves seem unlikely to make it to the thibs to block pt.....thinking bout dropping giles or bjelica and shootin for upside b4 playoffs begin.


    He's only playing heavy minutes because Wiggins has been out, but Okogie has been nothing special. I'd say he's a must pick up if he starts over Okogie.