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  1. What does he provide in 9 cat leagues? Doesn't look like too many rebounds or stocks.
  2. Why do you guys think Nurkic is a sell high? He just got a huge contract and playing really well on a good team.
  3. If Bortles plays well, Jags play well. I'd bank on a turnaround coming out of the bye.
  4. Not ones that you can find on the WW that is gonna give you what Isaac will even in a 25 min role. Just needs to be consistent.
  5. Spurs fan here, Derozan will still be initiating the offense. But White is gonna be a great stocks guy, while chipping in a handful of 3pts, points, and rebounds. Think Dejounte Murray, but less steals and more 3's.
  6. Anyone else hate this guy even though you have never owned him? Lol. I can’t name a more frustrating player to own relative to his immense talent to little production given his minutes played. ?
  7. The Raptors are also blowing Utah out, so no need to play him heavy mins
  8. The Raptors are easily blowing teams out are and the clear #1 team in the east. I don’t own him, but he’s gonna be a headache come fantasy playoff time..
  9. He played pretty well against GS last year, including his best game where he went for 20/6/4/3/2.
  10. Lmao Oakland is so a**.. should’ve known better. -1 point boys!
  11. Coupled with the fact that TNF is usually a low scoring game, I'm picking up Oakland as well
  12. Dallas is a better real life defense than fantasy, but it's a terrible streaming week so they make sense
  13. It’s crazy that you guys would drop him for #2 WRs catching passes from Case Keenum or in a similarly run heavy offense of Carolina. He’s definitely underwhelmed, but his track record and the fact that Wilson is starting to heat up in the 2nd half, he’s at least a hold.
  14. Damn it, do we dare be fooled again..
  15. He’s been good today.. has showed a ton of hustle. That will lead to the production we’re seeing!
  16. Sucks I have Ibaka and Danny Green.. tough to have 3 on the same team... right? (someone convince me otherwise)
  17. Should have a solid floor this week with him flexing out to WR
  18. I just got him for Dennis Schroder (how depressed his value is after 2 games). I'll take the 4 steals and 1 block any day.
  19. If Sanu sits and Ridley plays, he's a must start. Falcons are 2-4 and will play him a full complement of snaps.