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  1. If Sanu sits and Ridley plays, he's a must start. Falcons are 2-4 and will play him a full complement of snaps.
  2. Rotoworld blurbs is so down on this guy when in previous years they kept recommending a hold even he was a**. He's gonna play huge minutes and will come close to his 2014 numbers.
  3. I'm giving him 2 more games. Guys like RHJ and James Johnson are on the wire.
  4. They’re milking whatever Parsons got left since he’s guaranteed the next 2 years. I think there might be a chance SloMo stays in the 2nd unit as long as Parsons is healthy since he can be the primary ball handler without Conley.
  5. Can’t believe I’m holding 2 kickers this week.. starting Zuerlein, but holding Butker just in case of reinjury
  6. QB: Jameis Winston WR: DeAndre Hopkins WR: Mike Evans RB: Mark Ingram RB: LeSean McCoy TE: Trey Burton Flex: Doug Baldwin Russell Wilson John Brown Calvin Ridley Jermaine Kearse Lamar Miller Austin Ekeler Surplus of WR and need to shore my RB2. Good trade?
  7. I'd go George Hill. Everyone remembers his dismal last season, but he will have the ball in his hands more without LeBron. He usually has rock solid %s, 3pts, and good for a steal a game. Throw in a couple assists and lengthy enough to grab boards. Worth a trial period for a few weeks!
  8. I like the Markkanen side if you can survive while he's out. They provide way more periphery stats.
  9. G: Damian Lillard, Victor Oladipo, Jamal Murray, George Hill, Dennis Schroder F: Khris Middleton, Paul Millsap, Serge Ibaka, Rudy Gay C: Jusuf Nurkic, John Collins, Alex Len Which categories do I have a good chance at winning every week? I think the ones with a great shot is FT%, 3PTM, PTs, STL, and BLK. Any thoughts on improvements is appreciated!
  10. If Derek Anderson plays, I feel a hell of a lot better than if Peterman or even Josh Allen were to lol.
  11. Fantasy friendly game on a fantasy friendly team, but aging and new injury concerns. Got him with 62nd pick and feels like a steal.
  12. Just reported Breida got in a limited practice today and is a game time decision... this sucks but I’m still expecting him to sit
  13. Clement on a snap count brother, but at this point it's too late lol
  14. But outside of scheme, Russ is the same player. It’s not like he lost anything coming into this year. New OC sucks that’s all it is.
  15. This line is too porous to be running the ball the way they have. Eventually Russ is gonna Russ and Baldwin is his favorite target. Tough to drop an elite QB’s favorite WR.
  16. Simple overreaction. He lost me this week too, but I’m just happy he played his normal snaps. This week against the Raiders (who have no one to chase Russ around), he will have his breakout game.
  17. Agreed. Both Lindsay and Freeman did great against KC this past week. Grant started week 3 before giving way to a more effective Yeldon, so I think the Jags believe Grant has the higher potential. As a Fournette owner I’ll probably be starting him this week.
  18. Except Baldwin plays the slot and avoids PP most of the time. I’m starting him in a game the Seahawks know they have to win, against weak opponents like the Cardinals, to have a chance at the playoffs.
  19. Right, but Koetter is playing for his job right now. If Fitz doesn't fall on his face against the Bears, even with a loss, and Koetter turns to Winston who loses his 1st game out of the bye.. he's gonna be a lame duck coach.
  20. I know history has a way of repeating itself, but why can't Fitz keep the job the whole year? It's a new system with a different coaching staff and he performed well as the spot starter last year. Now in his 2nd year in the system and he has full control of the offense. I'm benching him this week for reasons listed above for Russell Wilson (vs. Cardinals), but I anticipate him being on my team the whole season.
  21. I'd start Cole if Fournette sits, otherwise he's a desperate play. They're going to get Fournette going this week.
  22. Not a expert lip reader or anything, but it looks like he's saying something along the lines of "I told you to [explicit] put me in there". It sounds like he's ready to go.