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  1. Most of the rookie RBs: Kerryon Johnson, Ronald Jones, Nick Chubb, Rashaad Penny, even Royce Freeman in the 3rd round of some drafts.
  2. Gronk is the best blocker in the game.. and Kelce has improved vastly since coming in the league. Ertz is not a good blocker, that’s why they had Celek over the years.
  3. I think it comes down to Henry, Cooper, Goodwin, and Hyde. If the Titans offense makes the leap as expected, Henry will be a TD machine. Cooper is expected to rebound shown by his ADP. Goodwin shows it for a full season. Hyde has looked good in the preseason. Great shape if they pan out. Like the upside depth in Fuller and especially Aaron Jones.
  4. QB: Russell Wilson WR: DeAndre Hopkins WR: Mike Evans RB: Leonard Fournette RB: LeSean McCoy TE: Trey Burton FLEX: Lamar Miller Bench QB: Marcu Mariota WR: John Brown WR: Tyler Lockett WR: Keelan Cole RB: Isaiah Crowell RB: James Conner
  5. Fell to me at pick 34. Hill, Cooper, an Diggs went ahead of him. I wanna like him.. but I'm not so sure.
  6. All your WRs are risks except for maybe Jordy Nelson. If Robinson comes back from his ACL, Cooks is more than the Sammy Watkins deep decoy, and Corey Davis shows something, it’s a very good team. Personally I’d try to flip AP or Carson and one of your top 3 WR for at least one stable option.
  7. I think people forget he was just a rookie last season. Not much more upside you can get for a guy that’s your current WR4/5.
  8. Cowboys fan myself and don’t be surprised to see Cole Beasley lead in a Jarvis Landry type of way. He has a nose for the end zone.
  9. Any word on if he's staying at KR and PR with the increased role?
  10. Looking more and more likely Powell is starting
  11. My starting WRs are Hopkins and Mike Evans. I play in standard 12 team league and like to play a RB as a flex. Lockett and John Brown are my back ups. If the guy wanted Royce Freeman, he would've drafted him in round 3 & 4. Trading before the season starts, I think people look for round value. I traded my 5th & 10th for his 3rd.
  12. New year. Deshaun Watson is back. Miller shed some weight and has no competition. I just don't put that much stock into rookie RBs. Everyone has a different ranking system. We'll see how it plays out.
  13. I drafted him in the late 5th, which is probably a steal. But have a hard time trusting a rookie RB that will start the year behind Booker. Traded him and Kelvin Benjamin for Lamar Miller (drafted end of 3rd) and not looking back.