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  1. TY Hilton or Robert Woods?

    Woods, I thought ty is injured? Woods regardless.
  2. Williams, by far for me.
  3. J Williams or McGuire for my Flex

    I'm playing mcGuire and tried to get Williams off waivers... I'd lean Williams but hope for a close game, if GB gets behind could be a bad game script.
  4. McGuire or CJ Anderson?

    McGuire by a long shot, guaranteed top RB for team, no promise CJ is. Help?
  5. Pick 3 of 5. WHIR

    Foreman is active but I wouldn't bet on him being the lead his first game back. I'd keep things the way you have them.
  6. pettis or r. anderson? ppr

    Robby A. I'm a believer again Help please?
  7. Mack, Mixon or Carson? Pick 1

    Carson. Mixon is their only threat, the Browns know this. Help?
  8. So, playing the top team in the league in the Championship. 14 Team .5 PPR. He has Gordon, CMC, D. Cook, JuJu and Gronk. Powerhouse. So, I decided to stay with Rivers as I have all year, and play Allen, and hope for a solid stack against a tough D. Backfired. Luckily, Gordon didn't do much either. That being said, I am debating between Kalen Ballage or Kenny Golladay in my Flex? The rest of my team is: QB - Rivers (played) RB - Kamara RB - Elijah McGwire WR - Allen (played) WR - Amari Cooper TE - Ebron Flex - one of: Golladay, Ballage, Penny (likely out) D'Onta Foreman DST - Browns K - Fairbairn Thoughts? WHIR. I guess I shouldn't be too upset, I got this far after drafting both Freeman and Kerryon and losing both of them to the IR.
  9. Engram, Brate, or Thomas? WHIR

    Fan of riding the hot hand here, which is Thomas
  10. Russell Wilson or Josh Allen

    Seahawks fan here, and I actually like Allen more. I think the Niners play the Hawks tough, feels like a trap game to me. WHIR?
  11. Pick my flex! Cooper or Cook?

    Crap that is a tough one. I go Amari because I have him on my team. I just like the upside. With the Vikings having a new OC, who knows what the game plan will look like? WHIR?
  12. Pick 2 to start — WHIR

    I'd do Carson and Sony, IF Sony is healthy. But I'm a junkie for RBs always. WHIR help?
  13. Think I like Gallup out of those options, but don't love any of them. ITO may have the highest upside, but faces a tough Arizona D. WHIR?