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  1. Not going to be much I've never played Dynasty. The only thing that comes to mind is seeing if Rashaad Penny is available. I say that as a Hawks fan...Carson has a bad injury history and has a fumbling problem this year. PLUS, Penny has not looked great, but I believe he could BE great with a full game script with 20 touches. That being said, I'd be curious if his owner would part with him due to lack of productivity thus far in his career? Thanks for the help with mine.
  2. I would not part with Godwin or Juju, but Cooper and bell ya I'd do that. The Viking RB is going to feast. Help?
  3. I'd offer this, don't know the other owner will take it. Help?
  4. I like the Titans personally. Picked them up today. Plus, supposed to be 20+ MPH sustained winds...I like the Titans here. Help?
  5. YES! He would immediatly upgrade to your WR3, maybe WR2 if the year progresses right. Help on mine?
  6. All four of these players have big question marks: What happens with Ekeler when Gordon comes back? Will Evans turn it around? Will AB get suspended? Will Tyreek come back healthy and still have the main looks? To me, Ekeler is the most likely to remain positive and right now is a league winner. keep him. Help?
  7. I'd almost try to stream a WR2...without knowing your bench, Ingram offers really nice depth in my opinion, and is a great flex. Help on mine?
  8. I'd keep Robinson personally....but that is a tough one. I'm debating snagging Darwin off waivers tomorrow myself. Help?
  9. The only upgrade for you is Kamara and I don't think he is worth it. I would stay put personally, you have a great team. Plus this would kill your RB depth with Devin injured. Help on mine?
  10. Ugh, yeah you are basically saying "PIck three handcuffs." I agree, Brown and Mattison are no brainers. I like Jaylen Samuels too. Is willaims from GB available? Help please:
  11. If you don't mind rostering for a few weeks, drop Djax for tate. Do not let go of Hock, I love your idea of packaging him for players later. I just got Waller off waivers, packaged Engram and pennies for a great haul...I like how you think. Help?
  12. You are buying low on the belief that the current value is not the end of year value. On paper, right now, you look to be on the losing end. I would be surprised if it ended up that way though. Just take lots of tums until Mixon and Freeman figure their crap out Help with mine?
  13. I don't know that, in the end, the trade would work in your favor, BUT it does seem to be the more stable/consistent trade. Since I hate unpredictable players, I think I'd offer that trade. Help with mine?
  14. He is currently injured, try $5 on a $100 budget? Help please
  15. Just repeating the common theme here but stay where you are unless for OBJ. I guess the other option is to post on your league board that you are shopping AB and see what comes of it.