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  1. Lottery pick should start but you traded the young Tobias Harris for an older Black Griffin. *lol* Maybe they start Ish Smith alongside Jax if he is healthy.
  2. With Gallo, Sweet Lou, Bradley anyone mean the Clippers are in rebuild-mode?? Really? Everyone in the league know that DJ will be a free agent in the summer(if he don*t get his player option). The price shouldn't high for him. Nobody will go to a trade for a player who is a free agent at the end of the season and the Clippers don't make a trade for low targets. Bullock should be the big winner of this trade.
  3. And Elton Brand was never the same player after this injury.
  4. Anyone(who dropped Mitchell)in my keeper league made me offers again and again for Booker+Mitchell+Smith jr. 1st. Wall+Kanter+ George Hill 2nd Wall+Gortat+ George Hill No idea why he made me offers again and again. I like to stay with Mitchell because he is so fun player to own. George Hill is absolute trash(will be traded to the Cavs or Kings rest players) and Gortat had the problem with a small lineup at the Wizards.
  5. Gallo is an often injuried man, maybe DeAndre will be traded for anyone, Rivers are re-evaluated. This Clippers team is absolute trash and maybe they will tank for the next season. Maybe he has temporary value but will be find out if he produce top100 now. If he starting or not, the minutes should be here.
  6. Add him for Simmons. He's top100 in yahoo fantasy league. Simmons are 230th last month
  7. In every team he will be not a great source for any stats outside of rebounds. He's best job in Cleveland was grabbed offense and defense rebounds. With so many sources of shooter by the Clippers he will never score an avarage over 12 points per game. In the time before LeBron comes back he had 11 points, 9,4 rebounds and 0.9 blocks with only Irving and Waiters on his side. He change is shooting hand , but his free throws are horrible again. He can only rebounding and score 2nd chance points.
  8. Donovan Mitchell 1000 % Will end as a 2nd rounder in his rookie season. His december-stats are 23.1 PPG, 3,4 RPG, 3,8 APG, 1.8 Steals. 2.2 threes. FG 50.7 % and FT 88.2 %(25th 9-kat in yahoo leagues)
  9. 2nd because he is a funplayer to own. Don*t think some owners draft more with brain as with heart.
  10. FG-winning without scoring -average in double digits??? Are you kidding me?? He was a great source for blocks and rebounds but he never went in the early rounds of a fantasy draft. Drummond score 2x of Ben Wallace
  11. In the same time as Marcus Camby played, no. He was great in defense but weak from the line. He never goes in the early rounds in my first fantasy drafts. Marcus Camby and maybe AK47 went in the second round of any fantasy drafts in the mid 2000.
  12. If LeBron said DSJ the best rookie of the year Donovan Mitchell say "shut up" LeBron was teaching by Mitchell last night about who is the best rookie.
  13. Some player who are garbage in fantasy are great in real basketball. Ben Wallace never be a great fantasy player but in reallife he make the difference. Or we can talk about Bruce Bowen or Eric Snow. If you see Bruce Bowens fantasy stats do you never think his jersey was retired for a couple of years in San Antonio. Zaza, McGee and so on never see many minutes because the Warriors goes small the most time of the game. Draymond Green saw many minutes on #5, and Durant on the #4 because Iggy is their sixth man. Zaza is only a role player for some situations of a game. Kerr loves to play Green on the #5 because the tempo in the game is very high. Warriors didn't look good if the tempo in the game is low (the Cavs haven't a chance if the games goes over 100 points). The only chance for the other teams against the Warriors is a lowscoring game with a slowly tempo.
  14. As a Curry-owner i wouldn't never give Curry up for Tatum and Dipo. Dipo has his 1st good year and Tatum is a rookie. Curry was the 2nd or 3rd best fantasy player in the LAST YEARS and by so many blowout wins he sitting out in the final quarter. His stats came frome some games he played ony 3 quarters. He is near of the 50-40-90 club with 5 boards, 6-7 dimes, 1.7 steals and he win the threes alone(4-5 threes per game) in the most weeks. You can build a fantasy team around him, thats gold in the most leagues.
  15. This per 36 minutes is not correct. Do you think he can bring his energy for 36 minutes??? I played fantasy basketball since 12 years and i see good and bad times of players. Marcus Camby was one of the best defense players who i saw. He was a 2nd rounder with great numbers in rebounds and blocks but he scoring low 10s in his best years. 12-12 with some assists, 1.3 steals but 3.3 blocks. Sometimes he shoot a three. Simply he was a boring player to watching but fill the stats on your fantasy team. On the other side i saw Tyrus Thomas in his best years and fantasy-owners hyped this kid with his 36 minutes-stats. But he never glued 36 minutes. In his best days he was good enough to bring some energy from the bench. Bell came from the bench the most nights and i think he has the energy for 36 minutes. HHe is now good for 20 minutes to bring great defense from the bench. He can handle the ball but Kerrs philosophy is passing and passing and passing to the open man. Bell struggling if he see a much of playtime. Remember the last game if he had a great 1st quarter and then came nothing. If i read Kerr is an idiot i must laughing. He wins the championsip for 2 times in 3 years(and maybe 3 times if Curry would be by 100 % in the 2nd year) and maked Curry to a 2 time MVP and one of the best players in the NBA. Curry changed the game because all talking now about threes. All good centers in the NBA must shoot threes and some other players learned to shoot deep threes. Curry was only a good player before Kerr came. The Warriors are a teams with draft picks and some players (Iggy, Livingston) who wasn#t like by their organisitions before. Iggy cames from Denver as a unloved man and was the Finals-MVP one years later. Draymond Green was drafted behind #30 and started over David Lee, who earns a lot of money. Kerr was the creator of "small ball" without a true center.
  16. 6 boards, 4 assists, 4 steals is terrible?? shot wasn't falling but he's other numbers are not so weak
  17. Thats crazy people think a player in the NBA could make 4 steals per game.
  18. Yeah, theres so much more other scorers...... oh wait we talk about the Hawks.......... ;-) You forget, Curry starting as a bench-player too......... ;-) Not sure MJ was a starter in Game 1 for the Bulls.
  19. Yes before Teague is out. I think they give Crawford a lot of minutes and Brooks goes for 10-13 minutes minimum. All Jimmy Butler-owner should be happy too if Teague was out for a while. The Wolves play for the Play-Offs, dosen#t play for Tyus Jones as their franchise-PG. Make much more sense to give the minutes their veterans.
  20. If Teague is out the most workload will going to Jimmy Buckets and KAT. "Without Teague available, veteran look for Jamal Crawford to get some extra run at point guard" RW write that Jamal Crawford will have minutes as a PG too.
  21. The last time Teague was out old Aaron Brooks started over Jones and they splitted minutes.
  22. I know what i get from Smith but you never know what you get from Jones. Smith played 2 seasons as a starter in the last 2 years. People hyped Okafor, hyped Isaac and now Jones. Smith is boring but safe, Jones is really 50 % bust and 50 % steal. People dreams from 14-5-7 and 2 steals ans maybe 1.5 threes. Do you think a player with this averages is sitting in the NBA on the bench if your PG is Teague?? Teague isn't CP3, Curry, Lillard, Irving and so on. He is an average PG.
  23. The Warriors don't give up their championship-team. McGee will play a bigger role in the play-offs. Zaza and McGee are options for a classical line-up.
  24. Do you think Noel can be shoot 3s??? Really??? :-)