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  1. Had 14 D/D as a fulltime-starter for Philly but 7 assists as average. He was one of my best adds as starting-PG for the Sixers and he produce every time good stats if he get minutes. For me he is an underrated player and better as Jackson all-time. BUT he's not Rondo(in his BOS-days) or CP3. Heard he had some good work in P+R with Drummond. You shouldn't expect much 3s or steals. 14/7 with low TO is the sky for this guy.
  2. Add him speculative last night but double-double is a joke. 12/6 oder 14/7 maybe/best case a three and and a steal.
  3. The moment you saw a rookie made ONLY a 13 points and 6 assists, 3 rebounds and a steal and think "what was wrong with you today" ?? :-)
  4. 12 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists. He is not a source of 3s and steals. Look what he made last year . I think he is the better PG as Reggie but he is is simply not the guy for big lines. Think Jackson is out for 2-3 weeks. ankle sprain dosen't to look everytime and you have mutch more pain as a tear. Had a ankle tear this year and i feeled not mutch pain.
  5. The problem is, normally the Warriors wins this league with Zaza and Iggy too. And they won the league last year without Bell. They have West and have McGee and they not in rush to make Bell ready for this league. The focus of Kerr is to bring his players in form for the postseason. He is a longtime-procect for the next years and its difficult for owners in a redraft-league. I added him 2times this year and it never payed out. Bell hasn't the experience. He must learning. Theres some games in this season he bring good lines for you but i make a bet he dosen't play much minutes against the Cavs.
  6. If the 2nd best scorer will comes back he will impact every guy in this team. Bell is a longtime-protect for the Warriors and Kerr given't a rookie much minutes with all players are healthy. Zaza isn*t the starting-C in minutes. Normally the starting-5 in minutes is Curry-Klay-Iggy-Durant and Green. Some guys add him because a 20-10-line today, but Green was limited in minutes and Curry is out. Curry isn't the best playmaker in this league. He is more a scorer of #1. His assist-numbers dosen't rise with KD in town. Simply the Lakers are one of the best teams for Centers of the other team.
  7. Do you think the Heat shut down her rebuilding and trade Beasley for nothing if he was a franchise player. I drafted him in his rookie season but he was only a golden cow in his early years. He was a great college player but he isn't a hard worker in the NBA. And drugs and so on.........
  8. Every time i read this site, i think he made LBJ or KD-stats, then i looked his stats and then i think, okay the centers in Phoenix are fantasy-studs too.
  9. You mean another Stauskas??? And Crabbe comes back too. Drop city.......... *lol* TLC wasn't in danger last year in Philly and he is a non factor this year in Philly.
  10. Okafor is only good for points, maybe FG % and rebounds. No blocks and 3.0 TO in 25 minutes last year AASB and no Embiid. The problem for him is, the Nets hadn't a playmaker/true PG and he can't create his own shot. Reminds me on Hakim Warrick :-)
  11. He is a potential Top100-Pick with no Z-Bo in town. I like him last year a lot as a fantasy player. He sucks in non category but do a litte bit of everything. Simply he is a fantasy-friendly player with much more opportunity with no Z-Bo.
  12. Haha :-) Had DSJ, Lillard, Curry, Mitchell, PG13, Simmons(ORL), Courtney Lee, Jymychal Green, Embiid, Nowitzki, Favors, Kieff, LeVert, Booker and Jokic in my team. Who should i dropped for him??? :-) Jabari Parker is on my IR-Spot. Im 1st in my league and this week 8-1. I'm won points every week but ok i need Okafor........... *lol*
  13. Look what Caris LeVert made. RHJ 14.5 points as a starter, LeVert 14.5 ppg in 3 games in December, Crabbe was 14.7 ppg in November. He is a worst version of Carlos Boozer. Points, Rebounds and no one more. Do you think the Sixers are idiots and give a talented player up for nothing?? ;-) He doesn't hustle, he doesn't have shooting range, he doesn't set hard screens, he's not a good roller to the rim, he doesn't hit free throws, he doesn't pass out the post, he doesn't rebound well, he doesn't have good defensive instincts, he has slow feet, he can't jump, he doesn't protect the rim, he doesn't defend passing lanes, he's soft and he hasn't been in good conditioning shape since he got here. Just bad all around besides a spin move and a face up game. His numbers after the All-Star-Break was 13 points, 4.5 rebounds, 52 % FG, 1.5 assists, 3 TO, 0.5 steals and 0.7 blocks. He looks good from the line, but had only 3.1 attemps.
  14. 18-29 before Embiid went down. The Heat was 19-30 in the same time.Bucks 21-26, Bulls 24-25. 3 GB the Bucks is naturally impossible :-) lol
  15. 13-17 before Embiid was went down. 7-2 in January with Embiid. I remember they was in the near of the 8th seed in the East.
  16. Embiid can it. Before Embiid went down last season, they was in the PO-race.
  17. I loose Jokic, Curry and Booker the last days in my keeper league but i'm 8-1 this week and 1st (3 time in the last 3 years i was the champion) and i rank Mitchell over Booker in the upcoming season(6 keepers). My keepers was Lillard, Curry, Jokic,Embiid, Booker and George. I trade for Lillard(for Holiday) in his rookie season, i drafted George if he was out a year before, Jokic was on the waiver wire years ago and i go for Embiid in the draft if he play his rookie season in year 3. Thats so funny, that Curry is the only player in my team since i drafted in my 1st season(the others are BroLo, Holiday, Lawson, Favors and Kemba Walker). Now i add Mitchell now as the leader and 3time champion the years ago after he was dropped from the last team in my league. Thats ironic. I think he is the best rookie since Damian Lillard. I was a big Eric Gordon-Fan if he played for the Clippers and Mitchell remind me a lot of him.
  18. He was dropped on my league after his bad start and i add him as a free agent in my keeper league. I think the guy who dropped him feel some pain.
  19. Was dropped in my keeper league after his bad start from one of the last teams. I'm first with 6 keepers Lillard, Curry, George,Jokic,Booker and Embiid and add him and now i ranked him over Booker :-). Drafted DSJ as i was sure he is the ROY.
  20. Jokic all night long :-) Faried is Faried, Plumlee is the back-up Center. Think Lyles could make some decent stats but i wasn't surprised if Jokic will have some monster-stats.
  21. Or i should trade both for KAT or Porzingis???
  22. Who wins in keeper league?? Had Lillard, Curry, Jokic, Embiid as the other 4 keepers and Mitchell and DSJr. Like to make the trade to have room for Smith Jr as my 6th keeper next season. On IL i have JaMychal Green and Jabari Parker.