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  1. Had Kieff and Oubre. Think he is the first option from the bench and the minutes are here. Kieff can play some minutes as a Center if the Wizards go small.
  2. Wouldn't Bayless injuried last season he was the starting-PG. He saw every time good stats as a reverse player. Had good lines by the bucks if he got minutes. Points, threes, steals
  3. MCW was traded as a ROY: Brogon is not a true PG and Booker is TO-maschine
  4. If Brogon will trade to the Suns, im sure he will come from the bench. Suns trust in Ullis and Booker is untouchable.
  5. Realistic is Bledsoe for Mudiay +X What sense make Monroe??? Nothing for a rebuild-team. Monroes defense is horrible and with Bender, Chriss and Len in your team. Make more sense to trade Chandler for a young player.
  6. They can't free Len, if he was in in foultrouble all time. :-)
  7. Middleton and Parker are back and Giannis great workload. Tony Snell signed a big contract and Thon Maker is the Bucks Process. The only reason he was the ROY was Embiid only played 31 games ;-) For me, Saric was better too.
  8. My others are Curry, Lillard, George, Jokic and Embiid