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  1. PPR 10 team league Which guy should i pick up?
  2. just took a big risk and dropped keke for him. there are other good receivers on my wire if he dont work out. i just like the offensive situation and guaranteed fire power vs texans offenseive opportunity and his skills the best here.
  3. I have Butker and Greg the Leg. Honestly considering dropping Greg the Leg. He has been injured and Harrison hasn't. Thoughts?
  4. I have jacksonville and considering picking up this defense. Bills have put up way more fantasy points. Good ROS outlook?
  5. I am picking him up. He looks like a more natural runner than Carson to me. Both are powerful, hit hard runners but Davis looks like he has some finesse to his game where Carson only trying to be a bull dozer. I think Davis is better at getting outside for a run. I think eventually going to be true 50-50 split if not more open run for Davis.
  6. I think drake is a better talent overall and conner may not be playing too much. How about for phillip lyndsay?
  7. Okay. Also cameron brate is available as well. Does he top mcdonald?
  8. Thank you for the feedback. I really am trying to see which ones to roll with going forward and then cut the odd one out.
  9. Is Kenyan Drake worth giving up James Conner?
  10. I have Howard, Burton, and Njoku. Should I drop one for Vance Mcdonald?
  11. This is also something potentially good here
  12. I was going to ask same question but i have deshaun watson and rivers. Is it worth dropping watson for mayfield since rivers should be safe?