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  1. Team already paid for - 20 team NHL Dynasty/keeper league - we keep 10 players from the NHL roster and keep your entire minors. will discuss rules in depth with interested owners we use slack for communication
  2. 1 opening at the moment. Possibly 1 or 2 more could become open. In process of getting everyone paid and registered.
  3. League is paid for this season. Looking for an owner to come in and take over the Toronto Maple Leafs League rules below I. Disclaimer A. All rules are subject to change if it is in the best interest of the league. B. Owners are not permitted to own more than one team in the league. If found to be doing so or if it is known for certain that you have colluded with another team to gain an advantage at the other owner’s expense, you are subject to be removed from the league and no refund will be given. II. Introduction A. This is a league created for fantasy hockey enthusiasts who desire a keeper/dynasty format. III. General rules A. League Size: 20 teams 1. 4 divisions, consisting of 5 teams per division 2. 1 Conference consisting of the 4 divisions, Atlantic, Central, Pacific and North B. Scoring System: Head-to-Head matchups with Points-based scoring. C. League Host: Fantrax.com D. League Forum: bladesofthunder.proboards.com/ E. Player Pool: All NHL and players that NHL teams own their rights F. Treasury: Entry Fees: $50 per team (2018). 20 teams x $50 per team = $1,000.00 1. Payouts: 1st Place = $500 2nd Place = $200 3rd/4th & 4 division winners $50 each IV. Rosters A. Starting roster is 2 C 2 RW 2 LW 3 F 4 D 1 G Bench - 6 spots Minor League - 10 spots Basically 3 scoring lines and 2 defensive pairings. B. Inaugural Season Roster Selection 1. Inaugural Draft - NHL Players - 20 Rounds - draft picks not tradeable 2. Inaugural Minors Draft - 10 rounds - draft picks not tradeable a. Players eligible for the minors draft are - players with green and gray flags or the (R) designation C. Keepers: 1. From season to season. A team can keep up to 10 players from their NHL roster. a. no limit on how long you can keep a particular player. 2. Minor league Keepers a. 10 man minor league roster stays in tact from year to year D. Off Season Drafts - will be held on fantrax in a slow draft format. Set notifications on, fantrax will email you when you are on deck and OTC. 1. Rookie Draft - 3 rounds - draft picks are tradeable - draft order is based on standings from previous season (rookie draft held prior to regular 10 round redraft) 2. 10 Round Redraft - Draft order will be randomized. ReDraft is Serpentine (rookie draft is not serpentine) - draft picks are not tradeable. E. Roster Limits 1. In Season NHL Roster max is 20 - IR players do not count toward your roster limits a. 10 man minor league roster requires at least 5 men on the roster at all times. b. Any player is eligible for the minors that has played less than 82 regular season games (once they hit 82, they are ineligible for the minors) c. IR spots do not have a limit - (subject to change) Player must be placed on team IR to be eligible for IR spot. d. suspended players are eligible for an IR spot e. Only NHL roster limit is a max of 2 goalies on an active roster F. Transactions 1. Trades can be between 2 or more teams. all trades are up for a 24 hour evaluation window. a. Trades require 5 objections, if 5 objections are made it will go to the Trade Committee. b. Trade Committee consists of 5 volunteer members. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. c. Goal of the trade committee is to determine that 1. there is no collusion. 2. Whether the trade hinders the integrity of the league. 2. Waivers a. Each team receives $1000 each year in bid money for free agents - minimum claim is $1 b. Waivers are processed on Monday and Friday at 5am each week. c. Once a team has used his budget, he is unable to claim a player V. Scoring Assists = 3pts Goals = 4 pts hits = 0.5pts PIM = 0.5pts PPP = 1 SHG = 2 Shots on Goal = 0.5pts GA = -1 pt Saves = 0.25 Shutouts = 5 Wins = 5 VI. Scheduling A. The schedule will be split into weekly matchups; Mon-Sun B. Our league’s regular season will run for 22 weeks. C. This will result in a total of 22 regular season weeks and 66 matchups, 3 matchups per week. D. The playoffs will start week 23 and will run through week 25. E. The Matchup tie-breaker will be the home team gets the win. It’s very unlikely this will ever come into play, but just in case. F. Standings tie-breakers will be as follows: 1. Head-to-head record vs. team(s) tied with. 2. Most fantasy points for entire season. VII. Post-season A. Playoffs 1. The 4 division winners and 4 wild-card teams will compete in a bracket style playoff for the League Championship. a. Seeding will be based on record - 4 division winners will be 1-4, 4 wild card teams 5-8 2. 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5 a. 2nd round will reshuffle. Lowest seeds play the highest seeds. b. 3rd round is the championship. Losers of 2nd round matchups will not play in the 3rd round as records will determine draft picks not where you finish in the playoffs. Except for champions and runner ups. Champions will always draft last. 2nd place finishers will always draft 19th. Reason being is you both walk away with at least 70% of the purse. Possibly more. So this evens out the playing field with the rest of the league.
  4. https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=d0dysa3fjorjly2m&isSubmit=y there is the join link start 8 players 12 man rosters held on fantrax
  5. http://mlb-the-show.proboards.com/ I will own the Colorado Rockies in this league. league is held on fantrax it is a h2h categories league. Looking for a GM for the team. What that entails is the league is $50 entry fee. I will pay $40. You pay $10. This way you have some monetary investment into the team. Any winnings the team earns. We split 50/50 even though i paid 80% of the entrance fee. Message me if you are interested. Looking to find a person that normally does free leagues and will give them a shot at a league they normally wouldn't participate in.
  6. 6 teams remain available: Phillies Reds Tigers Astros Rangers Blue Jays
  7. These teams are available: Cubs Reds Rockies Tigers Astros Dodgers Phillies Rangers Blue Jays Braves
  8. if you signed up, check fantrax. you are most likely in a league and you didn't know it