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  1. I do not know the details of any of the deals, but the bottom line is that you can never look at years and total money and compare contracts. You really have to know the guaranteed money and if/when the team can reasonably get out of the contract. For instance, he would probably snap accept a "Le'veon Bell market (4 years, $52 million)." deal if it was 100% guaranteed. However, if it's "Gurley money" at 4 years 57 million and only the first year is fully guaranteed with little after that guaranteed, he'd never accept it. However, when reported to the media, the second deal would sound bigger, because guarantees are often minimally discussed when reporting contracts. When teams leak out details of contracts during negotiation, like the cowboys clearly did with dak turning down $30 million, it really needs to be taken with a grain of salt unless full details are known.
  2. Last year, Sean McVay didn't play ANY established starter last year. Goff, Gurley, Cooks, Donald, Talib, and Peters all didn't play last year. I expect them to do the same thing this year. So Gurley not playing preseason is not good or bad news. It is a bummer that we can't get the reassurance that he plays in the preseason, but this should have been expected.
  3. The other overlooked aspect the last couple years is him being on a new team each year. The year with the rams, he was traded just before the start of the season. Continuity can definitely help. His talent, second year in the system, and tyreek likely being our for a prolonged period of time (if not the year, I would hope it would end his career if true) leads me to think that Watkins will finally live up to his potential if he is healthy (which is a big if). In the ~7th round, I think that is definitely worth the risk. A miss in that area shouldn’t sink your team, but a huge hit like he has the potential to be can certainly make your team.
  4. As you said, 3 is a dangerous age for accidents that may break an arm, however it is pretty rare to actually remove a child from the home. It takes a lot for the state to take that action. They do not do that unless the evidence points strongly towards neglect/abuse. I I do not see the chiefs/nfl staying quiet a good sign. They often do until the suspension is announced.
  5. Will his baffling playoff appearance affect his draft stock? His play for next year? He and the coach insist he was healthy, but he was hardly used. He had to be injured, right? The only other explanation, I can think of is that Sean McVay took advice from Jeff Fisher before the playoffs . . .
  6. With what he has shown so far, I don’t see how you can justify playing him vs the bears defense. I may may regret this, but I’m benching Fitz for Watkins. I see them having similar floors with Watkins with a higher ceiling and more likely to hit it. Maybe I’m crazy (every ranking I look at has fitz higher).
  7. That might be where an analyst would rank him. But reality is anyone who took Gordon was looking at high risk/high reward from the beginning. Out of that list, maybe you get an accept on allen Robinson (I think he’s in a different tier than the others mentioned). They are hoping that that he will suddenly become a wr 1(probably not going to happen, but they are all dreaming about this). You will not get him for a low end wr2.
  8. I think that’s a good thing. Gives you more diverse opinions. I also like that you see multiple peoples rankings at once.
  9. Agreed. ESPN has “projections” and they are a waste of time. I always laugh when I hear, but I was “projected” to win. However, this year Espn started putting rankings that are very easily accessible. I find this much more helpful. Now, I still think it’s your team and you should go with your gut. (For example playing Watkins over Fitzgerald this week despite every ranker having it opposite. I just see them both having a low floor with Watkins having a higher ceiling). Bottom line. Ignore projections. Rankings helpful. Gordon this week. Temper expectations vs a rams defense. Usually think of him as a high end rb1. This week he’s probably more of high end rb 2/low end rb1. Much lower floor than usual for him, but hopefully he can find a way to score a td (or 2). Gotta love how involved he is in the pass game so far.
  10. Love the way he plays. Have him in 2 leagues. 1 league I also have Brady. No one is yet to be willing to trade something of significant value for a qb. I guess the point of this post is that I’m confident enough in him to trade Brady if I can get a decent return. Really at this time, I’ll trade whoever I can get a better return. Im also not going to give someone an elite qb for an inconsistent wr2 or borderline starter. My team is good enough I can be patient. Until then tough decision on who to start. Espn rankers have them 1 and 2 for the week. . .
  11. It’s a bummer. I reached for him in drafts and have him in 2 leagues. Both have an IR spot. ONe, no one else on my team is hurt (knock on wood), so I’ll keep him. Other. Mixon is hurt. He goes on IR. I just can’t justify carrying 2 kickers. If it was one week. I can possibly bite the bullet. But multiple weeks with no specific end in sight. I just can’t do it.
  12. because Ajayi may be hurt now? He hasn't practiced in about 2 weeks, but the Eagles are not talking about this. (Last update I can find is from August 28th saying he hasn't practiced in 8 days)
  13. Struggling with the decision for my last roster spot: handcuffing up Melvin Gordon with Ekeler vs. the upside of Clement, especially with the mysterious ailment of Ajayi. Thoughts on Clements upside? Any updates on Ajayi's injury (I can't find anything, it just seems like he hasn't practiced in almost 2 weeks).