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  1. Full once SonOfJohn pays .. i'll keep you on reserve .. but i think we're good now.
  2. Just resent it -- i left off the "T" in .net on accident. Totally my bad.
  3. Bump -- still waiting on our final spot to be filled.. First come first serve.
  4. Still waiting on 2 people to pay ... 9pm is the deadline .. c'mon guys - lets not get to where we need to boot anybody.
  5. We're officially full now... and draft order has been changed to Randomize exactly 1hr before the draft... Draft is at 10:30pm ... draft order will be released at 9:30pm Good luck everybody!
  6. We have ONE spot remaining --- sending out an invite now, if they don't respond in 5 mins.. it'll go to the next in line.
  7. I will as soon as the league is full. Won't let me update it until we have all 12 in there. Thank you!
  8. Rotton, sent. Chris, sent. Should be full at this moment... just waiting on a few people to pay still.
  9. (2) Spots left. Draft is @ 10:30pm QB will stay at 0.5 instead of the standard 0.4. On my way home and will correct the rules in the next 5 mins.
  10. TRADE LIMIT IS AN ERROR .. No limits - but will have required number of veto votes. PPR will be adjusted right now to 0.5