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  1. I'm very interested. If you can invite me, I can pay ASAP.
  2. I'm interested edit: actually, realized I can't make the draft date. good luck filling up.
  3. Yep, and he gets to face some s---y Rockies pitching!
  4. No-brainer here but if Lux is available in your league by some chance, pick him up. He's getting the call.
  5. Sehldon Neuse was called up by the A's. ANALYSIS Word of Neuse's promotion first surfaced Wednesday, but he won't enter the lineup Thursday after his travel schedule left him unable to join the big club until shortly before first pitch, according to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle. Once he has a chance to get acclimated, Neuse could be an everyday option at either second base or designated hitter, two spots in the lineup where the Athletics have been struggling to find production of late. Neuse slashed .317/.389/.550 with 27 home runs and 31 doubles in 560 plate appearances with Las Vegas prior to his callup. Could be worth a look.
  6. Lux is who I've eyed, but Tucker's another good one.
  7. Best stashes for Sept. callups? Any potential names to monitor/pickup prematurely?
  8. zeke fell to me at 8, I took him (bpa by far...) and now i'm looking to possibly trade him since this whole thing feels icky to me. the guy offered me white and thielen. I was going to counter and ask for keenan allen perhaps... should I stay put? I'm really not sure what to do. my rbs include derrick henry, peyton barber, apete, and Montgomery. then zeke. Not sure if I can handle a holdout if it were to happen.
  9. Thanks for the update (not above me, two above me), chief! ….
  10. How are people feeling about Deebo right now? Pettis having to prove himself and lots of rave about this guy... curious.
  11. In a 12 team snake, with pick #8 overall, I took him 80th in the 8th round. Couldn't be happier. Followed that one up with Courtland Sutton. I figure someone's gonna hit. I like Dede a lot this year--1k yards and 8+ TD seems very reasonable. The chemistry with Foles also seems to be really good right now.
  12. How are people viewing his upside? WR2? Flex?
  13. Yeah, 9th for me, and the only reason I did is because one team had been on autobid, and he was nearing he top of the automatic que. Otherwise I think I could have waited even longer. I would think he would have a lot more hype by now....
  14. Yeah, I was shocked he fell as far as he did. 104 in my draft. Seems way too low given the upside and ceiling/floor here.
  15. I'm excited about this guy...he should take a big leap this season.